The Problem Of Voting Celebrities Based On Celebrity Relations, Affiliations And/Or Endorsement

Here's a picture of Bayan Muna Representative Neri Colmenares passing a Certificate of Candidacy for Senator. Angel Locsin (Angelica Locsin Colmenares) is a popular celebrity figure and from what some reports say is that she's said to be a distant aunt to a man old enough to be her father. Regardless whether that is true or not, one needs to realize the truth of the matter that many Filipinos have the problem of voting celebrities based on relations, affiliations and/or endorsements. With how things look like, looks like Colmenares will get his vote no thanks to Filipinos who are also lack knowledge in basic economics. I guess all because of his filing of candidacy with Angel, people are sure to say, "Well I don't care about economics because I'm a fan of Angel Locsin."

One just needs to remember how winnability defeats accountability in the Philippines. Do you remember why ex-president and currently Manila Mayor Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada won seats in office? It was because he was a popular actor. Then after Sherap won you had the whole family following including Jose Pimentel "Jinggoy" Ejercito Estrada and some of Erap's illegitimate children enter into power. Then we have the the mentality of "Basta Aquino, iboto ko." or "As long as it's an Aquino, I'll vote for that person." which resulted in more political mishaps than ever. So we had the problem of Ninoy Aquino got shot then Cory Aquino became president, Cory Aquino died of cancer then Nobita Aquino became president. After President Nobita, we had more Aquinos coming into power like Paolo Benigno "Bam" (or Bum) Aquino who gets the vote more because he's got his father's and famous uncle's names as a person over his credibility as a well-to-do businessman.

It's really problematic that many Filipinos vote for a certain candidate because of celebrity endorsement, relation and/or affiliation. President Nobita's campaign had many celebrities endorsing it and he won his seat. Do they even think what the political candidate is promising is realistic or not? Any candidate who vows to end poverty and misery in six years is dreaming. Any candidate who doesn't favor changes in the constitution is not really concerned about the country. Such stupid candidates are either stupid, self-serving or both. Besides, nobody gets better or worse based on celebrity endorsement, relation and/or affiliation but rather based on one's performance and credibility as a candidate who wishes to be in leadership position.