Leni Robredo's Campaign Might Be More On "Paawa Na Naman"

Last time, I wrote about the ugly cycle of necropolitics and this coming election has that problem all over again. If you remember, people just voted for the late Corazon C. Aquino because her husband Benigno Simeon "Ninoy" A. Aquino Jr. was murdered at the Manila Airport. Then her death may have triggered the election of Benigno Simeon "Nobita" C. Aquino III. Now it's time to really take a look at what's going on with Leni Robredo's campaign.

Like the late Cory, it looks like this is "paawa na naman" or asking for pity from voters. Instead of tackling on RECENT issues, why is Leni again focused on martial law? Now I don't deny that the martial law years had a lot of issues to answer for but that doesn't leave the legacy of PNoy Pride a clean legacy either. Plus, why is everyone really blaming Bongbong for something he didn't do and glorify President Nobita Aquino for a heroism he didn't do? It wasn't President Nobita who opposed the late dictator neither is Bongbong the late dictator who caused all the atrocities.

Going back to martial law over and over again is just like opening up the atrocities of the long dead Empire of Japan towards Filipinos during World War II. I really feel like the whole problem is that instead of addressing current issues and failures of the Nobita Presidency, Leni herself is again stuck with martial law considering Bongbong is running for Vice President. What needs to be realized is that this whole "I'm the widow of this politician." is getting old. If the widow was experienced in lower offices then I have nothing against it. But come on, having a widow who doesn't have much experience in politics run because of her late husband is really questionable.

With the hope that Leni's widowhood would beat Bongbong off is really one thing many Filipinos love to do by crediting heroism and villainy of late figures towards family members. For Bongbong one can see that he's actually made developments in Ilocos Norte such as the wind power plant, he's a competent Senator and he's more or less his father's son in some way. He may have his flaws but during the SAF-44, he did greet the bereaved families of the SAF-44 deaths during the Mamasapano incident. He's showed several signs of dignity that Mar Roxas fails to display.

Besides, it may be actually better to have Bongbong? He really is supporting Economic Reform compared to Liberal Party or Mar Roxas. Worse, Leni supports Mar who really thinks the 1987 Constitution doesn't need some changes such as economic liberation against 60/40 and allowing a healthy amount of foreign investments. What's best to assume is that Leni's whole campaign may nothing be more than "paawa na naman". Why do you think she even had her story in Maalala Mo Kaya?