So You'd Rather Commit Suicide Than Support Economic Liberalism?

It's already a problem that so many people have that annoying attitude of wanting to commit suicide if they have to follow roles for discipline. It's time to focus on the annoying trait that many Filipinos have that they love to oppose any possibility of economic liberalism for the Philippines. So I'd like to ask them the question, "Would you rather commit suicide than support economic liberalism?" aside from, "So you'd rather remain poor than be for economic liberalization of the Philippines?"

Perhaps it's because the final lines of "Lupang Hinirang" says "Ang mamatay nang dahil sa iyo." or "Dying because of you." I'm afraid that these words in the national anthem may have influenced a bunch of ultranationalists to rather die than support economic liberalism. It's easy to see some of them do risky stunts during their rallies against international economic forums. I guess they have it in their mind saying, "Mas nais kong mamatay kaysa sa maging ako para sa paglaya ng ekonomiya. Mas nais kong mamatay kasa sa may mga banyaga magnegosyo dito sa Pilipinas." "I'd rather die than be for economic liberalization! I'd rather die than let foreigners invest in the Philippines."

It's easy to think about how ultranationalism can also create suicidal bunch of people. Do you remember how Imperial Japan collapsed during World War 2? All it took was for Emperor Hirohito to renounce his false divinity to cause a bunch of crazy Japanese ultranationalists to commit suicide causing the empire to die out. I had a thought that what if those ultranationalist Filipinos would really kill themselves if ultranationalist policies like the stupid 60/40 were removed. What if the next head of state of the Philippines removed 60/40 and lowered tax rates to reasonable levels, decided to be more open to foreign investment then it might be a mass suicide of ultranationalist Filipinos in their own way.

Should the government ever care about the outcome that stupid ultranationalist Filipinos will commit suicide in whatever way they find convenient in the case of economic liberalization? My answer is to better let them do what they do in the name of their dysfunctional sense of freedom. If they wish to be reeducated then they are welcome. But if they want to commit suicide because they hate economic liberalization as a protest then it might be time to tell them, "Go ahead, be my guest." Those idiots can go ahead and kill themselves. If they do so then they're just doing a country a favor by reducing the amount of useless anti-foreign rallies that do nothing but disrupt progress.

There will still be reasonable restrictions set in the midst of economic liberalism. Such restrictions to protect local investors is that even if foreigners may own up to 100% ownership but these firms must still abide by the rules like basic guidelines, paying taxes properly, treating one's employees properly as part of the investment circle of the Philippines. This way all investors in the Philippines are given the right kind of restrictions to abide by. This way, both local and foreign businesses will either succeed or fail at their own accord rather than because of stupid economic policies.


  1. If they wanna die that badly, then I might as well help them out with it...... 3:)


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