I Approve Of President Duterte's Fight For Economic Reforms And War On Crime But He Should Control His Temper!

Being president is no easy task. Maybe he shouldn't have run. But with the current problem of the Yellow Media or President Duterte's tendency to use sarcasm, I wonder why he somehow compared himself to Hitler. Was he being sarcastic or what? I have a feeling he's hitting his critics who's portraying him as a dictator. Let's just think that a lot of Filipinos may still have the tendency to confuse having strict disciplinary measures with martial law. So what if Duterte's comparing himself to Hitler to mock such people?

Then again Duterte should have been more careful with his choice of words. It's natural to feel frustrated about the Yellow Media like Inquirer and Rappler. If he's ever going to dare them to misrepresent him again, it's not a good move either. With the Yellow Media seeking to keep their Yellow Empire in power, they might as well nitpick Duterte's every wrong move. Right now, it's just a wrong move that Duterte needs to correct. Sometimes, I feel like he should be the anti-crime czar instead of president.

The solution to this problem is for Duterte supporters not to become a Dutertard. Becoming any political retards is not helpful. If Noytards aren't helping then so are Dutertards. Remember President Duterte is just human and he makes mistakes. Blindly following any idea without seeing its flaws is not good. Foreign investors can help the country but letting them invest without following certain rules and regulations can lead to exploitation. Economic restrictions are good but economic protectionism is doing it all wrong. Duterte supporters must also correct their president whenever he's wrong to bring about real change.

Right now, Duterte needs to really apologize for what he said and mean it. If he's being sarcastic about him being "happy" then he should state it also.