Many Filipinos Have Been Brainwashed By Pro-Aquino And Pro Oligarch News Media For Many Years

ABiaS-CBN (and its associates such as ANC), Rappler, Inquirer... you name it are all pro-Aquino and pro-oligarch. What's so upsetting is that so many Filipinos are already trained to think that if you're not pro-Aquino then you're automatically pro-Marcos or for some, pro-Duterte or pro-whoever. They don't consider that sometimes or most of the time, there can be more than one outcome like it's possible for one to be anti-Aquino and anti-Marcos at the same time. It's not all the time that there's only one outcome when the other is rejected.

Whether you like it or not, the pro-Aquino and pro-oligarch news media are like the Daily Bugle in Spiderman. If you've seen the Spiderman films and any media (but don't include Toei's Spiderman), you can see how James Jonah Jameson is only interested in vilifying Spiderman and sensationalizing stuff. I still could remember how Jameson frequently tried to make Spiderman as the bad guy whenever, wherever. Doesn't what sound like what Inquirer is doing to President Rodrigo Duterte right now? As much as President Duterte should control his mouth (and good thing he decided to apologize) but this doesn't justify what the Yellow Media is doing in what they do: distort and misrepresent anyone who's an opponent of what the Aquinos stand for. 

The Yellowtard Syndrome creates this virus called PNoy Pride. Many people today are becoming "yellow zombies" where they think that they think, "Basta Aquino o Liberal Party mabuti agad!" and "Basta hindi Aquino at hindi Liberal Party masama agad!". Some even want to say that it was really former president Noynoy's contribution to have made the economy better but other economists suggests that the improvement that it started with his favorite scapegoat Gloria Macapagal Arroyo while he continued them during his term. Many were fooled by the growth rate sensationalism to say that the Philippines is Asia's Next Miracle. That's what the pro-Aquino and pro-oligarch media wanted to make Filipinos believe. While you can't deny that there's some improvement with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rate last term but you can't deny that it's not enough to improve the Philippines.

Trying to demystify the claims of people the likes of the Robleses and the Monsods isn't going to be an easy job. It may take massive reeducation because many people just want to enjoy their blunder that the Aquinos are the best. They think that the Noynoy presidency made the Philippines better but did they ignore the fact that the 1987 Constitution is severely flawed with its economic protectionist policy? I'm amazed that a lot of Filipinos still think that everything the Aquinos say are true and they ignore the rest because it's not an Aquino or a Liberal Party member.

What's needed right now is to really bring in the facts. It's time to reveal the truth that the 1987 Constitution's restriction towards foreign investors have just left people jobless, that foreign investors are not foreign invaders, that first world countries didn't self-industralize, that the presidential system is becoming more and more of a failure and that the Imperial Manila system isn't pro-Filipino but only pro-Tagalista. There's no time to waste and it's time to spread the word like wildfire!