The Chinese Government Can't Be Blamed For Importing Drugs To The Philippines

With President Rodrigo R. Duterte's current alliances with China, some people may suggest it's just staged because the drugs were from China. This is an unfair generalization that all Chinese are involved in the drug trade. It would be as stupid as to say that all Filipinos are drug mules because a lot of drug mules that got executed in China are Filipinos. Let's just get started with the basics between China and the Philippines.

In China, get involved in any narcotic related business or any business that could harm the public welfare you can be sure of your execution. Do you remember what happened last 2008 with the late health minister Zheng Xiaoyu? The melamine scandal didn't slip off the Chinese government. The late health minister was executed for his corruption charges. Try doing drug trade in China and it may be your last day. But in the Philippines there's hardly a culture of accountability. While the Chinese government had Zheng executed but the opposite happened during the Yolanda fund scam. Both Mar Roxas and Stinky Soliman should've been sacked from their jobs and jailed (preferably for life due to the number of people left unhelped) for that major disaster. Instead, both of them just got away no thanks to former president Noynoy Aquino. Worse, Noynoy even made Roxas as presidential candidate for the Liberal Party.

Do you know the reasons why drug dealing is more fun in the Philippines for so long? There's a lot of protection that they could get. They just need to pay the National Bureau of Investigation and they can be cleared as good citizens. They can just have alliances with the Commission on Human Rights (with Etta Rosales and now Chito Gascon) who will continue to protect them. You have the Department of Justice and Leila Dilemma with their brand of selective justice. You have the Bureau of Customs where they can pay money so their narcotics can push through. Those circumstances would be very favorable for drug dealing. If I were a Chinese drug dealer, I would rather go to a country where I can be safe with its government rather than in China where I'm sure to meet the chopping board.

In contrast to the Philippines, China is really serious in its drug war. If you remembered what happened to Jaycee Chan in China, they didn't have that stupid extrajudicial kilig. He still had his punishment even if he was Jackie Chan's son. That is not the case in the Philippines because of all the stupid extrajudicial kilig. Would have Jaycee chosen to smoke marijuana in the Philippines, he would have been exempted because he's Jackie's son. But China didn't do that and instead chose to give him his time which he had a reduced sentence for cooperating with the courts. With the strict policy against narcotics, Chinese druglords would want to be in a place where selective justice is common. They would definitely want an environment where Dilemma, Gascon, Rosales and just about every corrupt official would give them the right to do their harmful businesses.

What's wrong right now with many Filipinos (especially Noytards) is that they're barking at the wrong person. Barking at China's government for supposedly bringing in the drugs into the country is really stupid. They should be barking at those whose corrupt practices allowed Chinese drug dealers to do their businesses in the Philippines.