Four "I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing" Similarities Between Former President Noynoy Aquino And Emperor Palpatine

This rant may sound like to be nonsense. One can say that comparing Noynoy to the evil genius Emperor Palpatine is too good a compliment. I remembered reading the article in Get Real Philippines that compared Noynoy to Hitler. I guess that article was "too far" a complement since one was a highly intelligent villain and the other is full of incompetence. But I thought it'd be fun to actually try and compare Noynoy to the Star Wars villain, Emperor Palpatine. It may sound stupid but I hope this stresses a point.

Winning the highest seat by getting a sympathy vote

If you ever saw "The Phantom Menace", I remembered how Palpatine won. He won by sympathy vote. While Noynoy may not have the intelligence to cause trouble in his hometown to get a sympathy vote and neither would the Trade Federation ever want him, it can't be denied that Palpatine won by a sympathy vote. During the Naboo blockade, the vote of no confidence against Chancellor Valorum was successful. Palpatine got his seat as the new Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic by soliciting the sympathy of the Senate.

How did Noynoy get his sympathy vote? While he may not be as intelligent as Palpatine but one can't deny this. He still got his sympathy vote because his mother the late Cory Aquino died of cancer. While he doesn't even have half the brain that Palpatine had to manipulate everything so cleverly, you can't deny how he won because his mother died.

Fake heroism to the public 

During the events of "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones", Palpatine appeared as a hero to the public. He promised them that he'd give them "long lasting peace and stability". The public bought it. Using his wits, he managed to get absolute emergency powers during the three year Clone Wars. This allowed him to sit longer than usual giving him more room to abuse his power.

While Noynoy may not be as brilliant as Palpatine but one can't deny he does present himself as a hero. When he said that he's willing to die to save his father's legacy I wanted to say baloney. During his election campaign, he presented himself as a hero who promised a straight road. He did give us a straight road indeed. The whole "Daang Matuwid" he created led the Philippines into more chaos.

An attitude of vindictiveness towards any opposition against their ideas

Palpatine was vindictive against the Jedi Order while he pretended to be friends with them. If you remember, he ordered Order 66 which was to massacre the Jedi. In order to get away with his faults, who does he blame for his failures? The Jedi! During the events of the destruction of Alderaan, he decided to blame the rebels for doing what they did.

What about Noynoy? He's also a vindictive fellow. He just keeps blaming Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and the Marcoses for his problems. He always blames poor Bongbong Marcos for offenses that the latter didn't do. Although he didn't order the massacre of his opposition like Palpatine did, he still has his loyalists who continue to heckle those who go against him. Right now, PNoy Pridists are desperate enough to make sure their beloved leader's crimes will never get punished. 

A deteriorated republic all because power was consolidated through favoritism

When Palpatine took over the Galactic Republic, deterioration happened. When he became the Galactic Emperor, corruption got worse. He started to distribute his power only among his friends. Even if Darth Vader didn't know much but he entrusted much to his new apprentice. He appointed Wilhuff Tarkin whose methods only made peace and order worse. Instead of firing Wilhuff Tarkin for a job badly done (ex. destroying Alderaan), he decided to keep him anyway. By using the padrino system, the stability of the Galactic Empire got worse. He could have fired Tarkin to maintain his image. Instead, because he's been so close to Tarkin he simply refused to fire the guy.

While Noynoy didn't order the creation of a Death Star or anything like that because he's too dumb, it can't be denied that he still played favorites. Just think about how hesitant he was in dealing with the offenses of his friends. One good instance is the Yolanda relief operation fiasco. He should have fired both Stinky Soliman and Mar Roxas from their posts. Instead, he continued to let Stinky keep her job and even endorsed Mar as his potential successor. He ended up wasting a lot of money that he could have used to improve the nation to get Mar into power. Fortunately, Mar didn't win at all otherwise it'd be another six years of absolute idiocy.