A Short Assessment On Judy Taguiwalo's Performance As DSWD Secretary

I don't intend to believe that President Rodrigo R. Duterte can "do no wrong" but I don't deny this fact: Judy M. Taguiwalo is doing things right with how things should be handled. Just in, DSWD under Taguiwalo's leadership had decided to prioritize the least fortunate victims of Typhoon Lawin

Quoting from Interaksyon's news report, it's revealed that although the government was able to provide more than a million people with emergency shelter assistance but around 200,000 claimants said that they were not given the same aid. She blames politics to why preventing people from being treated fairly in the relief good distribution. This is the problem behind the Imperial Manila system and that's why federalism would be better. A decentralized Philippines would help in the development of the nation.

Taguiwalo also noted with her stand on foreign aid (taken from the oligarch media Inquirer) saying, "To our beloved countrymen, just a few explanations: we are not asking for foreign assistance or donations from other countries for [the victims of Karen or Lawin] because we saw that the government and its agencies have sufficient funds to address the needs of the affected families. I would like to apologize if my comment sounded like we no longer need foreign aid. We were able to address the needs of the victims, before and during Karen at Lawin, we were able to help them immediately." That's good not to be too dependent on foreign aid. There's nothing wrong with accepting foreign aid but one must never be dependent on it.

What are your thoughts on Taguiwalo's current performance?