Starstruck Mentality Mindset Is An Obstacle To Getting Justice Done

Even with the start of President Rodrigo R. Duterte's reforms like getting rid of drug dealers and the like but the problem is really Filipino society itself. I'd like to bring back the problem of the Starstruck Mentality. With the current arrest of Mark Anthony Fernandez, it's work a million facedesks just looking at stupid policewomen who posed with him because he's a popular star. Good thing that the two lady cops are in hot water for that picture.

This was much different than what happened in China last 2015. Do you remember the incident when Jaycee L. Chan was arrested for drug possession in China? The police didn't care if he were actor Jackie Chan's son. No, they simply arrested him and the cops were forbidden from posing with him. As much as China needs to stop its so-called reclamation activities because it's harming its neighboring countries, I still admire them for their serious stand. They got so serious that drug dealers either flee the country or get the punishment that they deserve. Chinese drug dealers end up flying and illegally migrating to the Philippines where government offices like the Department of Justice, Commission on Human Rights, National Bureau of Investigation and Bureau of Customs can be easily bought away with bribes.

Starstruck mentality is really a huge obstacle to justice in the Philippines. Many celebrities in the Philippines get away with their offenses all because they're stars. Many get voted into power even if they know absolutely NOTHING about running the nation just because they're stars. That's why I considered the possibility that Kris Aquino may become president someday. This is really one change that the government cannot fully enforce but they can certainly start changing that mindset by giving punishment where punishment is due. 


  1. So yeah, in the Failippines, actors/actresses are treated like deities instead of just mere entertainers. Oh well, they can sure act like deities, alright... XD (forgive the bad pun :p )

    And should we mention about a certain actor's guild here who is petitioning to keep the names of actors/actresses involved in drugs confidential?


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