Let's Face It That Agot Isidro Is Delusional

It's really disappointing to think how people can be so willfully stupid. With this comment she made, she's saying in English, "It's just now I've experienced traffic that bad. Is that the accomplishment that Duterte wants to boast about? He can't even fix simple traffic. He's prioritizing boasting and flaunting instead." I don't even know what reaction is so appropriate for such a stupid comment.

Did Agot ride a helicopter during the heavy traffic under the Noynoy Aquino administration and the Duterte Administration won't let her ride a chopper anymore? Is she thinking that traffic under Aquino means progress while traffic under Duterte is not okay? No, heavy traffic is NEVER okay regardless who's president. But for the Noytards, Noynoy can definitely do no wrong and he's always right. Considering that she's also part of ABiaS-CBN and the whole Aquino network then she's already starting to make people forget Noynoy's horrible traffic mismanagement.

Let's bring up last term's problem with the traffic. Do you remember the time that the MRT deteriorated under the watch of both Noynoy and Joseph Emilio Pabaya? Before those Noytards say that President Duterte better ride a jetski to China then they should still have both Noynoy and Pabaya get run over by a train as they promised. Again, do Filipinos even understand the meaning of hyperbole? As much as I want to see both Noynoy and Pabaya get run over by a train but the statement shouldn't be taken literally either.

Starstruck Mentality is just plain stupid. Worse, we've got the ABiaS-CBN is never wrong mentality. If it ain't ABiaS-CBN then it ain't truth like distorting President Duterte's statements up to just anything that goes against the ideals of the Aquino Empire. Agot's statements may be catching fire no thanks to Filipinos who choose to remain in their Starstruck Mentality rather than be a good Filipino. Any Filipino in the right mind would probably want to throw some insults and criticisms at what Agot said that it's only now that she feels the traffic. What she said is an insult to every healthy minded Filipino who's felt the terrible traffic jam for years.


  1. totally banned na sa min ang ABS CBN...d lang dahil sa bias sila kundi dahil na din sa abnoy na agot na yan.... actually 5 families na ang na recruit namin na i ban na manood ng probinsyano....and more coming sa side naman ng family ng mama ko....and uu...malakas ang convincing power ko.


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