Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. May Need More Endurance Than Usual To Handle Leila Dilemma's Rants

With the ongoing hearings and investigation of the extrajudicial killing, it's really a tough task isn't it. While he did behave during the SAF-44 trial while the late Miriam Defensor Santiago was scolding Alan Impurisima for his huge part in the failure, remember he's not getting any younger. The frustration that Aguirre may have with Dilemma may already be beyond his tolerance. Just listening to Leila Dilemma is already a pain to start with.

In truth, the position of justice secretary is no easy task. Maybe, he could have given a second thought before accepting President Rodrigo Duterte's offer. But one thing is certain, he and PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa have shown some reforms. But the task of handling Dilemma's loud talking and hysteria isn't going to be an easy job. While Dilemma does have the right to due process but she shouldn't be given the right to do what she's doing right now. Her series of press conferences are getting annoying.

The question is right now is can the incumbent justice secretary handle it? If he could handle the late Santiago's scathing remarks against Impurisima where he didn't do the same monkey gestures again, I think he could handle Dilemma's loudmouth tirades. Right now, he just needs to endure the pain of listening to Dilemma's broken record rants. If he can't take the pressure then he may consider passing his resignation and get someone who would continue his reforms. Either way, the battle against the Yellow Virus won't be an easy one. Change for the better doesn't come easy and the battle has just begun.