Toady Casino's Selfie Shows How Hypocritical Or Self-Contradictory He Is!

Well this slapped pass by me but looking at this picture, Toady Casino has really exposed himself as a hypocrite in this situation but this is not the first incident. Taking a look at many of these ultranationalists, they protest against anything that does with opening up the economy. They are upholding the stupidity of Sariling Atin Only mentality. But in the midst of his ultranationalism, they are actually contradicting themselves with the fact that they are acting like as if they aren't using anything foreign or born out of foreign influence

The same goes for Toady himself. If he is so against progress, he and his friends should have not taken a selfie in the first place. Filipinos did not invent the camera nor are there any cameras made in the Philippines and don't give me the excuse Filipinos work in that factory, the brand of that camera is not Filipino either. Smartphones that allow you to take selfies are a result of progress. To even pose this selfie on social media makes him a hypocrite because the sites are made by foreigners. Besides, even his garments betray him because his clothes even if they aren't imported, I can't deny that because foreigners stepped in the Philippines that I can actually enjoy locally made Western style clothes. What is worse is that they are enjoying stuff as a result of foreign influence and progress. No nation can ever get industrialized without any healthy amount of foreign investment.

What he can do to be "authentically Filipino" is a great sacrifice. The activists should have come in an ethnic outfit, not wear anything of foreign influence because they hate Americanization, right? These guys should get out of the Internet, live in an indigenous house and live in the forests or mountains, or some uncharted island if they think all modernization is evil when it isn't. Oh what do you expect from people who are thinking backwards because of a lack of economic knowledge