A Nation Filled With Mostly Lazy People Deserves A Lazy Ruler

Do you remember the story of Juan Tamad? Although I've only read the story where he gets away from his laziness and becomes a diligent man, most of the stories he's been known for are his being lazy like when he told the crabs to go to his house rather than bring them home. The same goes for President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino III who might be best described as "Noy Tamad" if we have Juan Tamad. The funny Photoshop above may show what kind of people are common among many Filipinos.

I still remembered the old campaign garbage that said, "Kung walang korupt ay walang mahirap." or "If there are no corrupt people, there will be no poor people." Isn't getting out of poverty your OWN responsibility? If you look at developed countries that are still in power, they do not get the poor out of their poverty and the poor must get out of their poverty. If certain poor people in developed countries were corruption index is so low are poor, it's their problem. If you waste all your money in any form of reckless spending, gambling and the like, don't blame the government but blame yourself for losing your money to reckless expenditure.

Many Filipinos want to have a welfare state and I guess that's how President Nobita won his votes. By his tagline of saying that if there are no corrupt then there are no poor, he got people deceived into voting for him. I would say he got his votes not by electoral fraud but by simply saying, "Well let's vote him because he'll help end poverty." never mind this truth that even with economic improvement, lazy people who refuse to take the jobs will not benefit from the jobs. The tagline is quick and cheap to get votes, isn't it? Plus, any candidate who promises a welfare state and gives promises that are too good to be true are more welcome than those who just promise to do his best to make a better Philippines.

Take note that many Filipinos are so lazy that they do not vote for proper candidates. Instead of voting people for their credibility, you have people voted for their winnability. The local and national seats of power are filled with celebrities and athletes instead of businessmen, lawyers and those who can really run the country. They could have voted for somebody who had real achievement like Gilbert Teodoro or Richard Gordon but they chose to vote President Nobita out of winnability. Because of a lazy population, those with low credibility but high winnability take advantage of it which sums up the fact that a nation of lazy people deserves a lazy ruler.


  1. well ..what do you expect? he was not trained to work nor think on his own....


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