The Statement "You'll Never Be Cheated In The Philippines" Is A Blatant Lie

Even after Mr. Banh the Vietnamese had returned home safe thanks to Singaporeans who helped him out of his predicament from a tourist trap store, this comment came to my mind because of the Tanim Bala incident, now for that same stupid comment that I shared in a very old post I wrote last year (which included Mr. Banh):

It's pure harassment, swindling, robbery, holdup, to a foreign tourist who came from a 3rd world country. Do you think they will do that to a foreigner who came from a developed country. Is this a normal practice in Singapore that they don't explain 1st to the customer the way the warranty should be charged. I said harassment because they threatened the customer that they will not give $600 refund if he call the police. In UNITED KINGDOM, warranty is optional but they charged it 10% of the selling price good for 1 year. 

I thought Singapore POLICE is very tough when it comes to customer complain much more Mr Banh is a foreign tourist? Mr Banh the next time you spend your vacation come to the Philippines..... It's more FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.... Filipinos are hospitable, you will not be fooled in our country if you buy electronics gadgets....cheers....

Until now, the statement still makes me go WTF, facedesk or "Are you kidding me?" because an incident of cheating just happens ANYWHERE. Even in a country that's as strict as China, swindlers are still there and some of them are already moving to the Philippines for obvious reasons. Looking that what is written in bold letters, I always feel like whoever wrote that comment is either deluded, a con artist or both. I can't really judge the person in full but the statement is very misleading especially the statement, "You will not be fooled in our country..." because that's an obvious exaggeration. If cheating can happen in a first world country like Singapore, it can certainly happen in a developing country like the Philippines or in countries worse than the Philippines like Bangladesh (where I believe as a place for the anti-progress Pinoys may consider as their new home).

Right now, I am afraid that Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Russian President Vladimir Putin might be not attending the APEC Summit in the Philippines presumably out of fear of the Tanim Bala scheme. That is just an entire speculation but what if it were true? I may assume they have other things to do or they might send in a representative in their place. Regardless, Tanim Bala scheme is so viral and even a simple mobile game was made based on the incident. I guess some decent Pinoy out there was so furious with the incident that he or she made that game. I appreciate that person for making that game to build awareness of the truth that cheating is very much alive and well in the Philippines.

Any decent Pinoy or Filipino citizen who is not a Pinoy is in the right mind to go ballistic with the slogan, "It's More Fun in the Philippines" which even dares to say, "It's not a campaign, it's the truth." because it has become a slogan to excuse one's bad behavior and to ignore the problems of the country. Sometimes, I wonder if David Guerrero is even proud of the mess he made and what does he suggest to Airport General Manager Jose Angel Honrado? Put a slogan that says, "Bullets - It's More Fun in the Philippines" to solve the problem never mind that it's a bad way to have a vacation to be conned and cheated? What will that idiot who said, "You will not be fooled in our country..." reply to the people he told that blatant lie to if they ever get hit by by any cheating incident and not just the Tanim Bala? I can't imagine how his face will look like after angry tourists would probably want to beat up his face for deceiving them.

Sad to say but many Pinoys are really very good at sensationalizing and exaggerating at just about everything from their feelings to their promotions. The higher ups of ABiaS-CBN the number one news network in the Philippines is fond of sensationalism in just about almost everything everything they do. I guess a lot of Filipinos fail even in the basics of the 5Ps of business - product, price, place, promotion and people. An exaggerated tagline may get a lot of customers first but testimonials will matter over taglines. If your product or service does not match with the tagline then think of what people will say and do because it does not match. People buy your product because of your tagline but remember, if your tagline does not meet your product or service, don't expect the customers to return for more.

It's simple - you want repeated buying or availing then make sure your product or service meets up with the taglines. It made me think of any businessmen who are successful do not exaggerate their claims. Try to take a look at how some of the finest establishments advertise their quality without exaggerating their claims. For example, you get "tender juicy bacon" without "the most delicious bacon in the world" or "good tea, good time" without "the best tea in the world". On the other hand, many con artists make statements that are too good to be true. Just as said in a business seminar I attended, it said, "If it's too good to be true, don't accept it!" and the same goes for the statement, "You'll never be cheated in the Philippines."

Lastly, the huge issue is whether or not a country is crime free but how does the government of that country deal with crime. With the Philippines, I am afraid that crime is hardly punished no thanks to the idiotic institution called the Commission on Human Rights. I am afraid but that organization is not defending the rights of victims but the rights of offenders. Who in the world is going to convict a person for killing out of self-defense? Besides, if they can defend a criminal who was rightfully shot because the killer was in a life and death situation, I expect them to step in and defend the right to cheat which in turn rewards the lazy but punishes the diligent at the same time.