Mar Roxas' Flip Flopping Anyone?

The picture above from Showbiz Government shows how Mar Roxas had changed his stand last year 2000 and how fifteen years later (?) as who might be President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" C. Aquino's successor, I really must say that this guy is a flip-flopper. First he wants to start basic economic reforms to open up the economy then later, he thinks the Constitution is not our stumbling block? I just wonder what is this guy thinking when he thinks that it's not a priority to remove the Anti-FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) from our constitution. Please, don't give me Heneral Lunatic's stupid excuse since I wonder how much of history has that guy studied, if he did it must be from history books from DepEd which are very biased. It is true that protection needs to be offered to local businesses but not at the cost of employment. 

What might be worse is that many Filipinos are also lacking knowledge in even basic economics. The natural law of supply and demand is beyond the Constitution. The only thing the constitution can do is to make laws in accordance to supply and demand (ex. get rid of anti-FDI provisions to provide more jobs and supply) but not abolish supply and demand in itself. What I'm thinking is that really Mar, really why did you change your mind? Don't tell me you're just trying to bootlick those idiots who don't want to open up the economy to provide more jobs for Filipinos then whine when there are no jobs? 


  1. I guess this is another thing that happens when you are severely hit by the Yellow Virus Syndrome..... XD


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