Those Annoying Filipino Leftists/Ultranationalists Just Hate To Follow Rules, Don't They?

Just take a look at this meme of the protesters against APEC. If one is travelling along the roads, just look at all the vandalism they do to public properly. I would understand that there is freedom of expression but like any freedom, there is a limit. Just because I have the freedom of speech does not mean I have the right to shout or speak when it's not called for. 

These activists are really displaying that annoying trait many Filipinos have namely their refusal to follow simple guidelines. If many Filipinos just keep refusing to follow simple guidelines then don't expect progress. Looking at the leftists, many of them just hate to follow rules because they think having strict rules like Singapore is being draconian. These guys tend to appeal to the slogan of David Guerrero which which may have promoted a culture of impunity. A lot of Filipinos have the tendency to have a dysfunctional sense of freedom as shown by the picture.
They are also fond of promoting the victim card mentality that Filipinos are always oppressed. After the death of Flor Contemplacion, a lot of these leftists or ultranationalists even protested by burning flags of Singapore to show their anger. 

Even after many years later, they still tend to mention her name as an example in their stupid rallies hoping that the certain Pinoy criminal will be spared from whatever punishment may be given. So really, they want more jobs or do they want to keep relying on labor export? Then they should support of the idea of getting rid of the unreasonable 60/40 restriction and encourage Foreign Direct Investment

So really, are they against progress because they hate rules? Besides, if they don't commit suicide because of guidelines then their own stupidity will be their demise


  1. More like just because you have freedom of speech doean't mean you have to inconvenience others just to get your point across your receiver. Then again, as if they'll understand that......

    Don't you just wanna run over these dumbf***s? Then again, if you do so, then they'll have the nerve to demand justice and play tge human rights card with the CHR (as in Criminals Have Rights) backing them up.... -_-


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