These Memes Show How Ignorant And Stupid Those Ultranationalists Can Get!

It's something to use social media to promote ultranationalism which is an act of hypocrisy. Face the facts - Filipinos DID NOT invent social media, the Internet, gadgets, etc. and neither are they made in the Philippines and why in the world are ultranationalists still using them? I thought they hated foreigners and only want Pinoy Pride? Oh boy, be ready for all the contradictions!

This meme using Alma Moreno is trying to dismiss any progress in the Philippines due to foreign investment. For starters, I don't even want to endorse the Elizabeth Taylor of the Philippines as a Senator. I am already sick and tired of seeing how often many Filipinos keep voting for STUPID PEOPLE into power. Instead of voting for more qualified people into power they instead choose people based on winnability instead of credibility. Looking at this annoying meme, I am really getting ready for the possibility that Kris Aquino may be president someday.

Going back to the meme, to say that the Philippines did not progress because of APEC (or any Foreign Direct Investment) is really ignorant. Do those ultranationalists realize they are the ones who are ignorant and stupid? I doubt it really considering that stupid people don't see they are stupid and think they are smart, remember that the Philippines is a country plagued with anti-intellectualism. It seems to be the norm of the Philippines is that stupid is smart and smart is stupid. For somebody to say that the Philippines did not improve at all because of APEC is an understatement. The problem is not APEC but how the meeting was carried out. Ex-President Fidel V. Ramos had done a better job than President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino with how the APEC convention was carried in the Philippines.

This one is even more facedesk worthy to use the name of Genera Luna which WHOEVER made this deserves to be called Heneral LUNATIC. Whoever the maker of this meme is and the one who said it is somebody who fails BIG TIME with basic economics. A lot of Filipinos today suffer from backwards thinking because they fail to understand basic economics. If this guy happens to be somebody who has the anti-progressive mindset then why did he even use Photoshop, a computer and the like? If he's so nationalistic, don't tell me that all his equipment were made in the Philippines or that he's not using anything of foreign influence?

The dialogue here involves Leo Martinez who is telling General Lunatic that it's time to open up the economy by saying, "But General, even if foreign investments do have their disadvantages, there is no other way to develop our economy. Let's just accept it." Heneral Lunatic then replies his epic foolish nonsense saying, "You study history, Paterno. All the first world countries became industrialized and they did not accept foreign investments. They forwarded true land reforms then they protected the small businesses from the foreigners. From that they expanded and became a huge national industry."

Now I agree that there was industrialization in development but don't tell me the Philippines can be industrialized based on a "sariling atin only" economy. Industrialization is impossible with just the nation itself and this guy is telling me to study history? Oh what history is this guy reading? Those written by yellow journalists like ABiaS-CBN and those shoddily written DepEd history books? I guess he doesn't even want to show credible sources. Did he really study the economic policies of first world countries? If he takes a look at those first world countries, they have a LOT of foreign investment and they give reasonable restrictions, not too many restrictions which levels the playing field for both local businesses and foreign investors. The foreign investors are then required to submit to local laws even if they get a huge share, they must still comply or leave. It's not invasion, it's investment and I don't think General Lunatic really knows even basic economics thus it may explain why he's a backwards thinker.

Is the "great" General Lunatic even willing to listen somebody who is far more qualified to talk about economics? I doubt it considering that a lot of Filipinos refuse to listen even to a more qualified speaker.