This Pinoy Is Not Ashamed To Work As A Janitor While Studying In Australia!

Remembering that incident several years ago of some Filipinos who were complaining about the "offensive" Hong Kong textbook that called Filipinos as "domestic helpers", now here's somebody Ic an proudly call a "bagong bayani" or "new hero". This is a Pinoy who works in Australia as a janitor and he is not ashamed to do menial work unlike some butthurt ultranationalists who whined about that textbook. What did they think Filipinos are? Rulers of the world? Get real

Sad to say but a lot of Pinoys are nothing more than whiny crybabies who are occupied with their Pinoy Pride. It's a sad fact really but a lot of Pinoys belittle manual labor which I might give credit to their "haciendero mentality". I noticed a lot of Pinoys tend to belittle menial tasks and even if it's a Pinoy authority that tells them to pick up the piece of paper, they show how "tough" they really are. It's no wonder why progress does not come no thanks to one's willful neglect to follow guidelines.

If one can read about successful Pinoys, they are very different from those who choose to become wayward Pinoys. It made me think that some Pinoys would say, "Before success, I really did all I could to earn money." But sad to say but the desire for instant success is what's blinding many Filipinos which in turn has led to a lot of OFW mishaps like how many more Pinoys are really going to get their just desserts because of their laziness and greed?

Concerning the photo he said with rough translations for non-Tagalog speakers (taken straight from the source) reading my blog, you may learn something from this one to close this entry:

"Itong larawang na ito nagpapakita na isa lamang po akong janitor sa ibang bansa, self-supporting at handang tumulong sa pamilya.. Hindi ko po kinahihiya itong trabaho ko. Gusto ko po ipakita sa inyo para po mainspired ang maraming Pilipino."

[Rough translation: "This photo shows that I am just a janitor in another country, self-supporting and ready to help my family. I am not ashamed of my job. I want to show this to you to inspire a lot of Filipinos."]

Akala ng iba kapag nangibang bansa na eh maganda na buhay, mayaman, mayabang, mataas, asensado, malayo na ang narating.

Let’s face reality, Hindi nalalayo ang buhay namen bilang estudyante sa mga kababayan nateng ofw na nagsisikap para lang sa kanilang pamilya. We’re only students who can only work with a limited time. Nagbabayad sa school and the same time tumutulong sa pamilya, kumbaga self-supporting. Walang tulog, study sa umaga then work sa gabi, at ung eagerness na makasama ang pamilya ay mga dahilan na talagang napakahirap.

Hindi ko po kinahihiya ang pagiging cleaner o janitor, kung eto po ung way para makatulong sa pamilya bakit naman kelangan ikahiya? Basta ang mahalaga nakakatulong sa pamilya. Sapat na, na alam ko ung proud na proud ang mama ko, mga kapatid ko at tita ko para saken. Kaya salamat po sa mga kaibigang mahilig mag down dahil po sa inyo lalo po akong namomotivate. Si Lord na po bahala sa lahat.. God bless po.

[Rough translation: "Some people think that people who live in another country have great lives, are rich, are full of themselves, are proud, and reach great heights.

Let’s face reality: our lives as students aren’t far from the lives of OFWs who do all that they can for their families. We’re only students who can only work with a limited time. Paying for school while helping our family at the same time – self-supporting, so to speak. No sleep, studying in the morning, working at night, and the eagerness to be with our family are just some of the difficulties that we face.

I am not ashamed of being a cleaner or a janitor. If this is the means to help my family, why would I be ashamed of it? What’s important is that I can help them. It is enough for me to know that my mom, my siblings and my aunts are proud of me. So, thank you to my friends who keep motivating me. I leave everything up to the Lord. God bless you."]