Some Stupid Ways That Many Filipinos May Die From Their Willful Neglect To Follow Simple Guidelines

It's really a problem that a lot of Filipinos refuse to follow even simple guidelines. When I'm asked, "What good did you do for the country? You're not a hero." but I can always raise this up that I try my best to follow simple guidelines. Guidelines are commands - they are not merely suggestions. Whoever thinks they are merely suggestions really needs to consider their own well-being because people can die from their willful neglect to follow simple guidelines.

If people can get harmed because of people who refuse to follow guidelines, then people can also die as a result of not following simple guidelines.

Here's a few examples of how people can die for not following simple guidelines which I hope I can expand this list:

1.) Traffic mishaps 

The road is one huge source of disasters. A pedestrian can die when they are run over by a speeding car because they crossed the road when they aren't supposed to. A person can die as a result of drunk driving. A reckless motorcyclist can also meet his or her doom from motorcycle related disasters.

2.) Smoking related disasters

While a person may not immediately die from a no smoking area in a restaurant but think of what if it were near a flammable area. Areas like gasoline stations, stores that sell dangerous chemicals or just anywhere can be put on fire no thanks to a cigarette spark. If it does not just kill people around, the smoker might as well be killed by his own defiance.

3.) Dying from crossing a no crossing line

If there's a no crossing line, there are higher chances that there's danger. A crime scene can get you killed by a crook. In some cases, the bridge may be under repair which can kill a person crossing it perhaps by falling into a deep abyss. In the zoo, somebody might get eaten by a wild animal. Some of them may even fall from the ship and drown.

4.) Food related disasters

There are guidelines in the handling of food. Considering that food is a perishable item, one must follow the guidelines carefully. A person can get horribly sick from the wrong food preparation methods or eating expired food. If a food product is expired, it tells you it's time to throw it out. If you don't prepare food properly, bacteria or the food may have a chemical change that makes it poisonous hence the person can die from eating it.

5.) Medical related disasters

In handling medicines, one cannot consider it a joke. Some people die from substance abuse like taking too much pain relievers just for the sake of enjoying it. Others can die for taking expired medicines or taking the wrong dosage. Not following safety rules in the medical laboratory can also get a person infected with a serious disease that may kill them. Some cops may even die because they refuse to wear the prescribed bullet proof attire that they badly needed.

6.) Not following evacuation guidelines

Whenever I think of the floods that keep happening in the Philippines, I do find it stupid how people take it as a time to have fun rather than do something about the situation. I could imagine how some people can die in the flood because they are trying to use it as a time to have fun rather than as a time to evacuate. I can also imagine some people dying because they refused to evacuate properly.

7.) You end up killing yourself with a dangerous object

If you are advised not to play with a dangerous object, you should not do it. Just think a person can end up killing himself for playing with dangerous chemicals. Chemistry classes require their students follow all those safety rules because the teacher knows the risks involved in teaching such an important subject. It's also noteworthy why matches and knives are kept away from children because they are not for playing.