PNoy Pride Is A Form Of Dictatorship

After writing my joke post on why democracy "died" yesterday then it's time to consider how PNoy Pride is a threat to democracy. Any Filipino like Thinking Pinoy can proudly say, "I'm a Pinoy, not a PNoy." Alternatively, any Filipino of decent character can say, "I'm a Filipino and not a PNoy." Pinoy and Filipino may be used interchangeably and you can always say "Good Pinoy, bad Pinoy but there's no such thing as a good PNoy." Do you still think that PNoy Pride is really helpful to democracy in the Philippines or was it really a dictatorship?

Was democracy truly restored by the Liberal Party? 

Let's do a review of the Liberal Party and how it actually ruined the Philippines. It's time to wake up from the dream of the EDSA Liberation. After the downfall of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. we have the late Corazon C. Aquino. Was there really any true and real change for the better or was it all #ChangeScamming. What's funny is that Change Scamming wants us to believe that the Aquinos are the best and puts in a lot of half-truths. Moving on, how was EDSA truly a #ChangeScamming? It's time to think about policies of the 1987 Constitution that really worsened what the Marcos Years started.

The promise to end cronyism and corruption was a huge joke. Nominating the late Cory for the Nobel Peace Prize is a huge joke. People didn't know better back then. The era of the Aquinos built a system built on incompetence. While one can argue damage was indeed done to the Philippines but just because they overthrow the Marcoses doesn't make them heroes. The one who also orchestrated the death of the late Ninoy Aquino could was also no hero. Those who did the Light-A-Fire Movement were also no heroes.

The 1987 Constitution only worsened cronyism through the rule of 60/40 which only gave oligarchs more power. The Imperial Manila system progressed even further no thanks to the same constitution. Worse, they had decades to prevent Marcos Sr.'s "rightful burial" at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (where questionable figures like the late Carlos P. Garcia and Elpidio Quirino are also buried) but they didn't do a thing. I guess President Duterte allowing Marcos Sr.'s remains there is a constant reminder of how PNoy Pride is a failure. What the president can also do for now is to make sure Noynoy Aquino will get a slot right next to the late Marcos Sr. in the case of the latter's death. 

PNoy Pride is a breeding ground for tyrants

Over the years, it's obvious that PNoy Pride has aged badly. The Noynoy Administration was already a subtle tyranny. He was already the puppet master. At first, the world thought he was serious about his fight against corruption. However, later events proved it was a mockery. He only moved against the late Renato Corona and his predecessor Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for personal reasons. The arrest of both Jinggoy Estrada and Ramon Bong Revilla Jr. turned out to be a mockery. It's highly possible that Dilemma was instructed to lock them up and make them into the scapegoats. If and if Jinggoy and Revilla Jr. had nothing to do with the pork barrel (plus, Jinggoy's speech that he didn't still anything didn't sound defensive) then that would charge Noynoy as a dictator. 

What Jim Paredes did at EDSA is a great example of tyranny. While he was claiming to be a fighter of democracy but he acted as a bully. He acted like a tyrant as if he were the king of EDSA Avenue. He could have politely asked the Digong Duterte Squad youths to move away. He could have just asked questions politely. Instead, he acted like he owned the spirit of EDSA. He felt like he owned the place and even lied through his teeth during his interview with ABiaS-CBN. Is that really democratic or dictatorial? Paredes showed he was indeed a dictator and a bully.

Another good example of how PNoy Pride is a dictatorship can be seen through Manang Loida Lewis. I guess she enjoys the fact she's a barkdog of the Democrat Party. She's talking like she and her fellow Filipino-Americans and allies like the Clintons and Obamas own the Philippines. She was already demanding President Duterte to step down and let Leni Loud Robredo be president. Mrs. Lewis herself is already acting high and mighty. If she could make a president step down even if the people don't want to then that alone is a threat to democracy. Just listening to this video makes me want to slam her face.

Should we also have the special mention that Marbobo Roxas himself is also a tyrant in a making? It's a good thing Marbobo didn't win the elections. He acted like a king in Tacloban. You can think of how he bullied the people. He told them, "Your mayor is a Romualdez and our president is an Aquino." He mistreated the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. That alone was already a red light that he was going to be a tyrant towards the Filipino people. It's a good thing he didn't win or just think of what could happen. Worse, just imagine this scenario of what if he won and Antonio Trollanes were vice president?

Commission on Human Rights needs to be reformed immediately

The Commission on Human Rights has become a failure because of one reason: PNoy Pride. It's problem right now is that Cheato Gascon himself is not a fighter for democracy as he claims to be. Instead, he's only fighting for Aquinocracy and a dysfunctional sense of freedom. CHR isn't meant to be law enforcement agency but a research agency. It's supposed to investigate human rights violations and help monitor them. But what CHR has been doing under Gascon or should we also include Leila Dilemma and Etta Rosales is that they play partisan politics.

In short, CHR is not democratic as it claims to be in its current condition. CHR can't be democratic if it continues with partisan politics. How can you have democracy if all you defend are the rights of PNoys and not Pinoys? Don't tell me you don't have human rights unless you decide to become a PNoy? What the likes of Gascon, Rosales and Dilemma are doing hasn't been "check and balance". Instead, they're performing selective justice. Should we mention CHR did NOTHING with the Kidapawan Massacre, the Hacienda Luisita Massacre and Lumad killings which were all done by the military?

Also, it's not even democratic if they only investigate military and police abuses but not criminal abuses done by common crooks. It's already their assumption that if a person was shot by police or military then it's already an innocent person. They may ignore the fact while extrajudicial killing is forbidden but defensive killing isn't. What they may be ignoring is that when a soldier or a policeman does abuses they should already be considered criminals. All human rights violations are human rights violations regardless who does the violation. I guess they want to dismiss Stinky Soliman's case because she's not soldier or military never mind it was really a human rights violation. 

Economic protectionism is in itself a form of dictatorship 

The whole problem of fear of "foreigners taking over" is nothing more than propaganda by the oligarchs. One reason why this dictatorship called economic protectionism is prevalent is no thanks to people who don't understand basic economics. If you lack understanding in basic economics then you're prone to believing in the stupid self-industrialization theory. This is the theory that says first world countries didn't progress through acceptance of foreign investments but through protecting their local businesses. They claim that these small businesses all came in overtime and became one huge national industry when history says otherwise.

The oligarchy itself is a form of dictatorship. These Filipino businessmen regardless of ethnicity are actually oppressors. What do you get from Globe and PLDT? Nothing but slow Internet because there's a lack of competition. The monopoly of resources like water and electricity makes the prices of commodities expensive. You could have had better choices if you had more competition. Instead, you're only stuck with what the oligarchy offers. They have their offerings of really bad services with unreasonable prices. They know how to manipulate supply and demand. With 7,107 islands but only few services it's very easy for Filipino businessmen to bully their fellow Filipinos.

If that's not all the labor export policy program is how economic protectionism is a form of dictatorship. It's sad how some OFWs don't even realize they're under a dictatorship because they're misled into believing that they're the new heroes of the Filipino people. What they don't see is that they're just the new heroes of the oppressive oligarchy. The whole OFW program is tearing apart families. Considering it's the -ber months just think of this sad fact that many won't be home for Christmas because of the 1987 Constitution. Then when they return they have to have their remittances which fuel the cruel machinery of the oligarchs.

Should I mention economic protectionism is actually racist towards foreigners? What's the use of Filipinos complaining about racism if they have a racist constitution? By allowing foreigners to only own 40% of their business while Filipinos may own 100% here and abroad is stupidity. They demand to be treated fairly but they're not treating foreigners fairly. Treating foreigners like they're sub-humans or cavemen in the Philippines while complaining about racism is an act of hypocrisy. No, foreigners and Filipinos alike should be allowed to do business in the Philippines subjected to laws that promote fair competition. It's oppressive towards foreigners so what's the use of complaining about "foreign oppression" even when it's all in their warped minds?


If anything died during September 21, 2017 it's not democracy. It was Aquinocracy. RIP Aquinocracy you will not be missed. Democracy is still alive but not well. The whole PNoy Pride movement will always be a sham that misled Filipinos. But now, more and more Filipinos are waking up to the truth about how PNoy Pride is nothing more than a sick man's delusion. 


  1. Very interesting post. I am not very informed in politics' intricacies in Philippines, even if I live here for almost ten years.

    On top, if there is one thing that a foreigner learns quickly here, it is that he never EVER dares to express his opinions about it in a public place, if he doesn't want to risk deportation... So much for democracy !

    About your views about the oligarchy, I would even go further, and call it its real name : plutocracy ! Just check on Wiki, and you will understand... ( )

    I heard once a filipino formulate an interesting view about the 40/60 law. If the foreigners were allowed to own 100 % of a piece of land, then the local "latifunderos", often in politics too, might have to play by the rule... The "good old times" where they could evict, even kill little farmers to grab their lands totally illegally, without fearing any kind of retribution, would be over. Imagine a foreigner owning some little piece of land in the middle of a huge family estate... Could they evict him ? Could they kill him ? I doubt it, the international community would immediately react...

    Ok it's unfair. If a little filipino farmer dies, noone would care but if a little foreign retiree is killed, then it would be an international outrage, and would shed light on a sadly quite common thing here... But at the end of the day, it would improve the lives of all people living in this loving country...

  2. ..I forgot to add, about the abuses from big businesses here, and that includes unfortunately quite a big chunk of the Health sector, that this could be solved if filipinos did form real Consumer Associations, strong and active. There is absolutely no such thing here to defend consumers' rights here. Although the Law here has its own Consumer Act, it is rarely enforced against the big companies.

    I think the main problem, is that for so many years filipino have been educated to be "clientelists" instead of citizen, it is quite hard for them to dare to oppose abusers, hence the companies' behaviour...

    P:S: I apologize if my english might be bad at times, but I am french speaking, thus my weird sentences ;-)

  3. I hate to say this, but Noynoy was far worse than Kim Jong-un. Granted, Kim Jong-un is a sure dictator, yet speaking of governance, I think he's a tad better than Noynoy Aquino.

    1. Can you name some instances how a brat like Kim Jung Un is better than another brat like Noynoy? Thanks.


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