Philippine Democracy Is Truly Dead This September 21, 2017

You got that right. #RIPDemocracy and this picture proves it. Can't you see how Franklin Drilon, Nobita Aquino, Kiko Pangilinan, Leni Loud Robredo, Bum Aquino and Marbobo Roxas are all in white? Nobita is just trying to mask his sadness as Philippine democracy lays dead in this chapel. It's the wake of Philippine democracy as she was killed by President Duterte. Today on September 21, 2017 those who fought for our democracy are giving their last respects to the democracy they fought for. As you see, bad news my fellow Filipinos democracy is truly dead. 

How did democracy die? Don't you remember the time martial law got declared in Marawi? That was just the start of the death of democracy. Jim Paredes is right. Nobita didn't need to declare martial law. He successfully got rid of the Zamboanga Siege. Would have Old Man Jim gone to Marawi then he would have solved the problem without declaring martial law. But no, our dictatorial president wanted to declare martial law so he could oppress the people in Marawi. People in Marawi are fleeing because of martial law and not because of the Matae terrorists. Ever since martial law got declared the whole Philippines started losing its democracy.

You can obviously see tyranny at work here. See how many Filipinos still love Senator Leila Dilemma. She went to jail as a national heroine. She should be nominated the Nobel Peace Prize. It was under her term that the Bilibid Prison Cell became the most humane prison cells in the world. Think about going to jail without being deprived of the comforts of the outside world is in itself an accomplishment. She also had brought true peace and justice whether she was in the Commission of Human Rights, at the Department of Justice or as a Senator. President Duterte locked her up to silence her. See how many Filipinos still want De Lima to be freed in this picture. You can see how Dilemma is the most beloved Senator in the Philippines. 

Vice President Leni Loud has so many supporters as seen by this picture. We can see all the love and support during the last Independence Day Celebration this year. Leah Navarro is right to criticize President Duterte for not appearing in the celebration. Our beloved former president Noynoy never missed a single flag raising. People are so happy to see her dot he salute with Senator Alan Peter Cayetano. The picture shows that they want President Duterte to resign so Vice President Leni can now be the new official president to help restore democracy.

So many people were upset with the proposal of the PHP 1,000.00 budget cut for Commission on Human Rights under Cheato Gascon. You can see all the sad faces and not the happy faces. Gascon himself is doing everything to give us what we want. Should we allow President Duterte tyrannize us by adding curfew for minors, ban public smoking and drinking, that we should not do late night karaokes, be on time and everything that makes us a true Filipino? We can't be truly Filipinos if these things will be removed. To be a true Filipino means to stay out late, to smoke and drink in public, to do late night karaokes and to be habitually tardy. That's what makes us proud to be Filipino. 

You can think of how we will no longer have our ideal welfare state. When President Duterte removes the 60/40 and federalize our land we will no longer have our happy times. That means it's time to kiss our OFW bagong bayani mentality goodbye. By opening the door to foreign investors it would mean foreigners will take over and enrich themselves in the Philippines. It would mean Filipinos will have to show up on time in the workplace. Foreigners will oppress us Filipinos when the country opens its doors to more foreign investors. But as OFWs they are our bagong bayani because they prevent foreigners from invading our country. OFWs also mean that Filipinos are taking over the world. You can ask Edz Ello who successfully invaded Singapore. Singapore is now the new Filipino state thanks to OFWs but we are to lose it soon.

Dear Filipinos, it's time to get serious. We need to group together and fight for the democracy that was long fought for. We should get together and make sure that President Duterte's term is not finished before Christmas. It's time we start a new EDSA to overthrow President Duterte and make sure that the Liberal Party reigns supreme again to restore our beloved democracy. Will you let democracy remain dead just because it died today? Think about it!


  1. The kind of democracy you call for in this pamphlet, I call it populism ! Populists ALWAYS flag all issues on foreigners, anywhere in the World. Your tirade about foreigners taking over Philippines ? Sorry guys, you are just pale copies of the Trump, Putin and other populist rulers... Foreign residents in Philippines are 200'000... OFWs are millions... The 40/60 law ? Do filipinos around the world have to cope with such ? And have these countries been taken over ? You are just doing what all cowards do... Set everything wrong in this country on others, and play the "me, poor victim of the imperialists..." No, getting dead drunk and being lazy is NOT filipino ! I know many, many filipino who have banned it from their lives, and who cumulate several jobs along the day, working hard to sustain their families. Booze is even not a filipino heritage !!! What is your next step ? Pretend that Shabu is a filipino right as millions are addicted to that ?

    I don't support President Duterte in all his actions and decisions, as I didn't too about Nonoy Aquino, who unfortunately was just elected because of his family name.

    The liberal Party ? As all political parties, just a "select few" who are in for the grab, nothing less and nothing more !

    My grand-mother, dead a long time ago, used to tell me : "Patrick, if your son is a liar, a thief and lazy, just make him a politician !" And she was deadly right !!!

    To finish with, I already know what will be the replies... How dares this filthy foreigner react on filipino matters ??? Guess what ? I am a legal resident here for many years. My wife is filipina, my son is filipino, my step family is filipino, and my heart belongs here, whether you like or not !!!

    Being a foreigner does NOT make me some sub human in Philippines !!! Being a foreigner demands some duties, like respectING my adopted country, but gives me also rights !!! And one of these rights is the FREEDOM to express my opinions !!!


    1. @tripack Zobi

      I do hope you realize that is is a sarcasm post. I decided to write this to make fun of the Aquinocracy. Thanks for dropping by and telling me what you think. =)

    2. Hooo ok ! Now it looks so much like a lot of posts I can see around the web nowadays that I fell for it ! My bad...

    3. @tripack Zobi

      I'm glad you commented that way. I mean, just think of what I've missed in past posts and I could write a future post. Thanks for dropping by.


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