Why Ignoring the Problems of The Late Cory's Administration is NOT Helpful for the Philippines!

So I'll take the whole issue in context since today is EDSA Revolution day. No doubt the Marcos years were terrible except for its cronies, no doubt that the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. was a dictator and that he had to be ousted. On the other hand, we cannot ignore the problems left behind by the Cory Administration in itself together with the good it produced.

The problem of the late Cory's administration had some issues that had to be raised. While I refuse to believe everything bad I hear about Cory (take them with a grain of salt, Macoytards are just as dirty as Aquinotards), some mistakes of Cory should have been taken into consideration. The Cory administration was plagued with brownouts, pardoned coup plotters and lack of economic reforms. Most preferably to criticize is the 1987 Constitution's continuation of the oligarchy system which was previously provided by the 1972 Constitution.

Treating Cory like she never made wrong is what is sliding down the country as of recent. For one, she wasn't even fit for presidency and two, putting her in power because of her late husband Ninoy Aquino is just stupid. Likewise, the whole idea of Cory is "perfect" has caused people to vote for her idiotic son Nobita Aquino into power. It has also kept the 1987 Constitution's bad provisions upheld rather than corrected.

One must understand that a constitution is not perfect. It must be ready to be adjusted. For example, the 1987 Constitution would have gone against the pork barrel but it fails to address the need to remove economic protectionism. Cory was wrong when it came to keeping protectionism rather than repealing it. The Philippines right now cannot just rely on OFW remittances and some local businesses, no it must allow 50% to 100% ownership of businesses. That is, start a more fair game system. If a Communist country like China is making necessary economic reforms, the Philippines as a democracy should be ashamed if it continues with protectionist policies. It's time to keep the good in Cory's administration and kick out the bad. That's how politics should be - modify the system for the better, not for the worse.

As said, when honoring Ninoy and Cory, do not treat them like they never made a mistake. They are just human. Learn from the good, shun the bad. Sad to say but Aquinotards seem to treat Ninoy and Cory as if they had done nothing wrong. Worse, the country has to undergo issues like Kris Aquino's shenanigans to President Nobita's idiocy. Besides, Aquinos are getting voted not because of credentials but only because of Ninoy and Cory.