How Former APO Hiking Society Member Jim Paredes Is Ruining Himself With His Stupidity And Arrogance

"Laos ka na Jim!" are words that I feel like saying to this crazy old man of 65 years. As much as I grew up close to my maternal grandparents and my paternal grandmother (all three are dead and I still miss them) but I have lost my respect for Jim Paredes in spite of his old age. Maybe it's time to rename him as Jim Parada as he parades his incredible stupidity around Filipinos. I don't care if you graduated in Ateneo de Manila (a very hard school to enter to) or you're a lawyer but you're stupid the moment you throw away your common sense. Stupidity is something that's prevalent in society and the Filipino society is definitely no exemption to the rule.

Do you remember what he did at EDSA's 31st anniversary and 1st death anniversary? He ganged up on a group of Duterte Youth members. He started throwing false accusations that he probably believed were true. Instead of sharing his views professionally he just laughed like a bully who just beat someone weaker than he was. He always had his "LOOK AT ME" statement which showed how Paredes-minded people are one of the reasons why the Philippines hardly moved forward. I guess he's sad that he's losing support. When the Duterte Youth retained their dignity in the face of a clown he just showed everyone how stupid he has become in the recent years. They still respected his views and didn't bother to stoop down to his level.

So how was he contradicting himself? At first he said that all colors are welcome. He could have just directly said, "But no Duterte supporters." The Duterte Youth were there exercising their right of free assembly. He called them trolls and cowards but look who's talking. He was a coward and a troll with what he did. Instead of asking the Duterte Youth questions professionally he just heckled them. He could have just said, "But are you sure that the 7,000 deaths weren't Duterte's. Let's just wait and see who's right and who's wrong." instead of "Are you sure? Bwahahahahaha!" to the youths he bullied. He said he was no bully but what he did was an act of bullying. He said it was satisfying to shut them up. What he did was only prove he was a bully. He had a lot of supporters behind him while there were only seven Duterte youths there. He could have chosen to go where there were more Duterte supporters to prove himself. He's a coward for heckling younger people who he thought can't beat him in an argument. Just because he's old doesn't mean he's right.

His claim that he's fighting for nationalism and democracy is just hypocritical. If he's oh so nationalistic why did he leave for Australia and become an Australian citizen in the first place? Shouldn't he have stayed in the Philippines no matter what because he's so nationalistic? I wonder how many people born in the 90s or were children in the 80s remember his stupid song "American Junk"? With that in mind I wish that the recent administration will deport this clown to Australia or exile him to some uncharted island. He claims to be fighting for Philippine democracy but what democracy is he fighting for? The rule of the Filipino or the rule of Aquino? If all decisions must be done by the Aquino or Liberal Party without consulting everyone or weighing the consequences then that's Aquinocracy not democracy. I guess that's why Senator Panfilo Lacson and Senator Manny Pacquiao knocked out the six Liberal Party members out of the majority floor. The Liberal Party had dominated politics for too long and it's time to give others a chance.

Should I mention he's acting like he owns the EDSA Revolution and EDSA Avenue? No, it's not Jim Paredes Avenue. It's EDSA Avenue and he should remember that. He didn't lead the EDSA Revolution against the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. and neither did the late Corazon C. Aquino. So why is he acting like he owns them when he doesn't? He's losing his relevance to Filipino society not because we're in the digital age or because he's already old but because of what he's doing. While it's good to listen to older people because they know more and if it wasn't for some old people we won't enter the digital age but he's definitely not one of them.

Too bad for him but former APO member Danny Javier supports President Rodrigo R. Duterte. I guess that's why APO split up. Maybe it was because Paredes himself was such a stuck up idiot. He thought the whole music industry or even the whole world should just revolve around him and his comrades. I think he should serve jail time before deporting him to Australia. If Australia doesn't want him back maybe he and the Aquinotards can form their own nation somewhere on an uncharted island.