The Achievements Of President Mar Roxas And Vice President Antonio Trillanes

It's time for another joke post on what could have been achieved if Marbobo Roxas and Antonio Trollanes became president and vice president. Let's try and do an imagined year end report with the Philippines still existing but barely surviving. Now let's do a possible list of achievements that could have been done by these two if they were president and vice president from June 30, 2016 up to December 31, 2017.

Continuing the anomalies that were in the previous administration

Do you remember the anomalies such as the Disbursement Acceleration Program, pork barrel, Bilibid's lack of control, fake news that keeps the politicians in power and drug syndicates? Well, you can have it a lot here. When Marbobo said he knows where we can buy shabu then why didn't he have those places raided and sacked? There's going to be the high chance that all these anomalies will skyrocket that fast!

Repressing freedom of speech with the anti-cybercrime "libel" law

While it's good to have an anti-cybercrime law but imprisoning people for the pettiest of reasons wouldn't be. Chances are both the president and the vice president will be mocked in social media daily for their lack of performance. What better way for them to warn others than to arrest their critics? This would pose a problem because jails will run out of space soon. 

Continuing the blame game culture for everything wrong

Did you remember how Noynoy kept blaming others for his failures especially his favorite bad habit of blaming Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. MRT getting worse because the two wouldn't do their job right? Still blame Gloria and maybe Bongbong Marcos. Economy getting worse because Marbobo wants to continue economic protectionist policies? Blame the Marcos Years over and over again never mind that Japan rose up much faster after the end of Imperil Japan.

Continued economic downfall 

The whole "growth rate" phenomenon - all the talk that under Noynoy that the Philippines is now Asia's "new miracle" but what about it? Chances are under Marbobo and Trollanes they will misspend whatever money was made during Noynoy's term. Marbobo would also disregard the badly needed Foreign Direct Investments and continue insisting on self-industrialization. This in turn may cause the Philippine economy to crash harder with our without Philippine peso devaluation

Defective government agencies leading to more problems

Chances are Marbobo and Trollanes will be appointing their friends and relatives REGARDLESS of qualifications over the more qualified positions. They may go as far as making Kris Aquino, Agot Isidro, Leah Navarro and Cynthia Patay head of certain government offices. Can you imagine what if one of those ladies replaced Stinky Soliman as DSWD Secretary? Chances are we're probably going to get show business relief instead of real relief. Expect it anytime that these government offices will fail to do their job because the people handling them are not qualified. Just expect the MRT to be continuously defective which could lead to more MRT-related mishaps.

Philippines may enter into more hostilities with the bully state People's Republic of China

Congratulations to the Philippines for winning its arbitration case against the bully state of China. But what if both Marbobo and Trollanes were president and vice president? Do you remember what Marbobo did in Tacloban? His extreme tactlessness would probably cause China to continue the conflict. The Philippines won an arbitration case but does it have the military force to defeat China? Chances are these two could end up triggering a tragic war that could kill much of the Philippines.

Marawi would be gone from the face of the Earth

Let's say that China decided not to attack the Philippines through its bully military then will Marawi survive? The chances would be no. It's going to be possible that their poor delegation skills and negotiation skills will cause the Maute terrorists to win. You may end up seeing Marawi to be in more ruins, no refugees will be able to escape and nothing left to repair. 


Aren't you glad these two clowns didn't win the positions they wanted? 


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