Cheato Gascon's Loyalty Is To The PNoypines, Not The Philippines

It's official: Cheato Gascon's loyalty is to the PNoypines and not the Philippines. PNoypines is just a word that maybe anyone can use to describe the ideal Yellow State. PNoys are a breed of Pinoys whose loyalty is not to the Philippines but to the Liberal Party. The Pinoy is simply a synonym of the word Filipino and the Tsinoy is a Pinoy of Chinese descent. I would also like to call Tsinoys who participate in the Aquino Empire to be TsNoys instead of Tsinoys. Now let's get back to the topic of Gascon and his loyalty is directed to the PNoypines.

Do you remember the time when Etta Rosales quietly moved out when she should have been fired or even arrested? Rosales was part of the Akbobo party before she became part of the Liberal Party. Now we have Gascon who replaced Rosales late in Noynoy's term last 2015. The decision may have been deliberately made in order to secure the Yellow Empire. You can think of how plans crown Marbobo Roxas as the new king of the PNoypines went badly. No matter what gimmick he pulled out and no matter what credentials he had he was certainly losing attention. It didn't matter if Marbobo had a degree in Wharton because he just ended up like the learned scholars in the story of the Scholars and the Lion. No amount of education and not even a doctorate will help anyone out of their lack of common sense. But again, there's always a back-up plan isn't it but this isn't doing any better.

It's time to ask what does CHR mean to start with. CHR means Commission on HUMAN RIGHTS but it ends up limiting itself to offenses done only by military and police but not those victimized by regular crooks. If they are a human rights division shouldn't they help the Philippine National Police and the Public Attorney's Office investigate all victims of crime and not just those done by military and policemen? Shouldn't the military and police also fire soldiers and policemen who abuse their authority and CHR does the record keeping to make sure they don't get their jobs back? But for Gascon and in extension Rosales and Leila Dilemma it has always been selective justice. Maybe they should have renamed the organization as Commission on Yellow Rights or Commision on Liberal Party Rights because they aren't defending human rights for all who need it as they claim. Instead, they are defending only the rights of their allies and whoever can pay them.

CHR is just fictitious and it hasn't reached its 30th anniversary as Gascon would want us to believe. CHR will only be truly CHR if it has a chairperson who cares about human rights like Atty. Persida V. Rueda-Acosta. Dilawans may go ahead and say that Atty. Acosta is "more biased" than Gascon but look who has been doing the job the latter should be doing. The PAO has its hands full right now handling cases that CHR should have been handling. If we want CHR to be truly born as a government agency then it's time to get rid of the Dilawans within that party. It's time to fire Gascon and put a competent member of PAO in his place. Only then we can light a candle and say "Happy Birthday CHR." because CHR itself has never existed in practice.