The Possible Life Of Paid Activists And Who's Possibly Behind Their Respective Organizations

Two days ago was President Duterte's SONA and its' expected there are rallyists. There are times that I wish it would be advisable to shoot those rallyists because of all the trouble a lot of them cause. Some of these troubles involve vandalism of property. I wish President Duterte meant what he said he may not hesitate to shoot them. Those activists cause nothing but trouble for the Philippines. Now it's time to think of the possible life of the paid activist.

I remembered somebody raised the question  to Renato Reyes Jr. of Makabobo movement on whether or not rallying is the only thing he knows. I wonder where in the world does this jobless bum get all his money to do his rallies? If he's running a store or restaurant why isn't he taking care of it? I guess Renato himself gets paid by people who need his services. You have to also remember that certain members of Makabobo like Toady Casino and Neri Colmenares have political experience. Who knows they may be using money from taxes paid by the Filipino people. 

Let's also think about Migraine International. Where do they get all that money to keep organizing their events? I have a speculation (but not confirmed) that they are secretly working for big time drug syndicates. Drug syndicates have a lot of money to back up the likes of the bums working as rallyists for Migraine International. Why do I suspect that they work for these drug syndicates where some of them are illegal Chinese (hiding from Chinese laws) operating in the Philippines? If you take notice these rallyists are always trying to defend Filipinos who are about to be executed from drug related offenses. They are probably just pretending to want to punish the drug syndicates all the while the drug syndicates pay them to rally. It's just my speculation but what if it were true? 

So what's the possible life of a paid activist? I heard that some of them get paid PHP 500.00 or more per head. That's why I speculate that there's some powerful people backing them up as they cause a lot of trouble. They could also come from members of the oligarchy and politicians aside from drug syndicates. After the day's rally they get some money. It's pretty much "easy money" isn't it?I think most of these paid activists are poor people who are too lazy to get themselves out of poverty. I even think these people celebrate their poverty because as long as they're poor they get to live on easy money from people who need their services to cause trouble.

Why do a lot of them remain poor? We could talk about the habits of rallyists. Do they really get employed or get themselves employed? From what I heard most of them are jobless bums who waste their money. They try to look rich even when they're broke. It's funny how some children of rich people don't have the latest models, how a wealthy CEO may take a jeepney or bus ride going to certain locations while these guys live so flamboyantly. They also spend the money they earn from rallying on whatever stupidity they have. It may be getting drunk, gambling, womanizing, sniffing drugs (and which might be the reason why a lot of them want Filipinos who are guilty of drug related offenses to be spared) and they remain poor because they refuse to learn to handle their finances properly.

What are your thoughts on this speculation?