How Migraine International Isn't Helping The Philippines

"Happy" Flor Contemplacion Day anyone? I don't know if some Filipinos right now are still celebrating the event with plays, rallies, watching the B.S. film called the Flor Contemplacion Story or whatever methods they have to keep mourning for a person who's been dead for 22 years now or insisting her innocence when she's really guilty. Migraine International decided to make a "saint' out of Flor and has invoked her name more than once in many instances. They even have their #NoToAnotherFlorContemplacion campaign every time an Overseas Filipino Worker is about to meet the chopping board for crimes committed.

Migraine International is only interested with its self interest

Here's the problem of for Migraine International. They want to put an end labor export policy but don't they want to open up the economy. The problem is as stupid as wanting to get high grades one's exams but you aren't studying or attending classes or wanting to get healthy but all you do is do unhealthy habits. It makes me assume that they're only pretending to want to put an end to labor export policy but they support it behind everybody's backs. It does sound stupid but remember anyone can contradict themselves in one way or another. 

I don't think the organization really wants to put an end to labor export policy. It's time you ask yourself why the organization has had 22 years of power. It's already obvious that the organization has been fueled by the labor export policy. If there's more labor export policy then the organization will have every reason to do what they do. If there were no labor exports then they have no cause to rally in order get public attention and sympathy. If the Philippine economy were open the stupid organization would lose its cause. If less and less Filipinos became OFWs then what reason does that stupid organization have to exist in the first place? 

If more Filipinos could be employed in the Philippines then what reason would the organization have to exist? None. They would lose their grip because more Filipinos will have better jobs and will have no reason to join them. If more Filipinos didn't have to go to other countries away from their loved ones then what reason can the organization recruit more Filipinos for their cause? 

A culture of impunity drove the Philippines to a huge mess

What they're also doing is defending the OFWs' right to impunity. I'm glad some OFWs are aware that they must follow guidelines when they're in other countries. Their problem also involves that they're always defending guilty OFWs out of the name of being Filipino. They think that you must always stand by your fellow Filipino and berate Filipinos who don't do it as "kinahihiya ang sariling lahi". They have the bad habit of using one's Pinoy identity to justify one's blunder

This organization may also be another reason why some OFWs think it's okay to break the law in other countries NEVER MIND that Flor and other guilty Filipinos abroad were executed in spite of the rallies. If they have Filipinos backing them up then they think that they could go ahead and become heroes or heroines should the pleading fail. The mere thought that Flor had a state burial was just stupid. It's a good thing that if ever President Rodrigo Duterte burned the flag of Singapore in the past and regretted it, he did the right thing to bury the hatchet. I guess he saw how wrong he was if ever that incident happened.

Defending impunity is one huge reason why the Philippines is in a mess that's hard to clean up. It's been a problem that some Filipinos have the mentality that it's better to commit suicide than to follow rules. That kind of mentality alone of taking joy in breaking simple guidelines is a source of frustration for law abiding Filipinos. Organizations like the Commission on Human Rights also help Migraine International do what they do - making impunity more fun in the Philippines.

Making Filipinos more and more ignorant about basic economics

Having a lack of knowledge in basic economics leads to backwards thinking. Why are many Filipinos duped by the likes of this stupid organization or by the likes of Bobo Muna and Heneral Lunatic? It's because they're ignorant about basic economics. They're duped into thinking nonsense that you can defy supply and demand or that foreign investors are foreign invaders. Worse, some of them have bought the idea that Filipinos are taking over the world even when evidence shows otherwise.

It's really stupid how this organization teaches Filipinos in the stupidity of believing in the idiotology of self-industralization when it's just impossible. I remembered how I said they should first test their theory on an uncharted island to prove to their fellow Filipinos that it works. What they should do to prove their theory is to also show raw facts and data that China was better off under Mao Zedong than Deng Xiaoping, that Venezuela is the most progressive South American nation or that North Korea is doing better than South Korea thanks to protectionism.

If more Filipinos reject organizations like Migraine and Bobo Muna then can the fight for economic reforms succeed. It's best to keep educating Filipinos about real economic facts and not through biased DepEd textbooks or the agenda of protectionist lovers. That's why there's the huge fight to make Filipinos support economic reforms for a better Philippines. It's time to show them that the jar of progress can''t be opened by the 1987 Constitution.