Migraine International Could Be Secretly Working For Big Time Drug Syndicates

Happy Three Drug Mules' Day anyone? Today is the day when we "honor" the three drug mules who were "wrongfully" executed in Tsina namely Sally Ordinario Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain as "heroes" of the Philippines. Such an attitude of making heroes out of non-heroes is very common in the Philippines.

This is just a speculation but what if it's true? What if Migraine International is actually secretly working and paid for by big time drug syndicates to do what they do? Why do I even think like that it's because they so keen to defending Filipino drug mules on execution. I don't know whether or not their tears are fake when they protest but the fact they only protest at the last minute might suggest they're paid to protest or they're just procrastinators. 

I could give a speculative scenario on what could be happening between Migraine International and big time drug syndicates. You have drug dealers from Tsina who have the benefit of impunity defending organizations such as the DOJ, CHR and CBCP. CHR had Leila Dilemma, Etta Rosales and now it has Chito Gascon. Dilemma served as DOJ secretary for some time and it turns out she's been protecting a selected number of drug syndicates if they're her friends. So what's possible is that the higher ups of Migraine International are also receiving money from big time drug syndicates to protest or to play the victim. This in turn is used to finance Migraine International. No one earns money from just protesting and protesting unless somebody who's got tons of money paid tons of money for them to do so.

While its members may insist that the executed Filipino drug mules didn't know what they were carrying but evidence may suggest otherwise. I don't think it's possible that drug mules don't know that they were carrying drugs. To send an ignorant person to carry narcotics from one place to another without knowing is a riskier move than informing them what's inside the package. These drug syndicates want the amount of narcotics to arrive at that certain place at a certain time. They have to take risky routes and an ignorant person would take the easy route and be easily busted. No one could carry that much narcotics in several instances if they didn't know what they were bringing were drugs. I may not be a criminal law graduate and I'm no lawyer or police officer but I don't think drug syndicates wouldn't inform their mules of what they were carrying. Otherwise, it would make no sense to use any random person to carry narcotics from one place to another unless it were an intended act to frame someone. 

I think they're just pretending to care about OFWs on death row and they're probably paid by big time drug syndicates to do their theatrics. If they do care about OFWs then why are they still opposing economic reforms that could greatly slash down the reliance on labor export policy and plays a vital role in the war against drugs? Instead, I think that they really and secretly love the labor export policy because it keeps them going. Should the Philippines open up its economy and more Filipinos have job opportunities then what use would Migraine have to Filipinos? I think they know the truth that that the Philippines needs to accept free trade but they don't want to for selfish reasons. The more poor Filipinos the better because it keeps them going and going. I guess big time drug syndicates take that into advantage by using the people of Migraine as a cover-up.

What do you think of this speculation?