Did We Forget Kris Aquino Also Used The Presidential Chopper For Her Convenience?

It's crazy to simply focus on what's wrong with Isabelle Duterte's photoshoot at the Malacanang. I still disagree with Harry Roque saying that nothing's wrong with it. For one, I think it's something to do with what Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. once said you have to do a little wrong to get your message across. I guess this is it and now it's time to talk about another incident.

Do you remember the time when Kris Aquino used the presidential chopper for her convenience during the Marbobo Campaign Period? As much as I think Isabelle shouldn't have done what she did but let's face it - Kris used the presidential chopper which would use more gasoline than Isabelle's photoshoot. How much money is used when you use the chopper vs. a photoshoot?

Right now, it's time to think about it that while I still think Isabelle should have done her photoshoot somewhere else but... don't you think Kris should have gotten some form of punishment for abusing her privileges during the Noynoying years?