Stinky Soliman Should Have Shared The Same Fate As The Chinese Health Minister Zheng Xiao Yu

As the anniversary of Typhoon Yolanda approaches it's time to talk about another issue. It's the issue of Stinky Soliman getting away with what she did. Her massive neglect caused many people who were victimized by the said typhoon to get none. The huge amount of expired relief goods shows how much neglect she has done. What she did should have gotten her fired as DSWD Secretary and get criminally charged for what she did. Instead, she was able to peacefully step down and she may be enjoying her retirement for now

It should be a sick reminder of how crooked the Philippine justice system is. While China may be a bully state and it should make amends with every country it's bullied but it did the right thing to have Zheng Xiao Yu executed. If you remember him, he was the Chinese health minister responsible for the Chinese melamine scandal last 2008. She and Marbobo Roxas should have been arrested for what they did. Instead, they were able to get away with what the did. They even got the Yolanda funds which may have been used for the Liberal Party's campaign purposes.

You could consider how similar her case with Zheng is. Zheng's Chinese melamine scandal hurt a lot of people with its dangerous contents. Stinky's rotten relief goods caused a lot of Yolanda victims not to get relief goods and many badly needed them. Both of them are victims of violations of the human right to get healthy food and relief. Only if Stinky shared the same fate as Zheng.


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