Marbobo Roxas Should've Been #OrasNaPosasNa For The Yolanda Fund Scam

Do you remember the time when China got hit by the melamine scandal last 2008? The Chinese health minister who was responsible for the melamine-tainted Chinese dairy products. The response of the Chinese government was to execute everyone responsible including Zheng Xiao Yu who spearheaded the operation. What Zheng did not only hurt Chinese but also neighboring countries. A lot of Chinese dairy products had to be recalled to prevent any more fatalities from happening. Zheng was executed for what he did.

The scenario was different with Marbobo Roxas. Do you remember the Yolanda incident?  I decided to write this post considering that the weather hasn't been so good in the Philippines and storms usually hit around October to November in the country. The expired relief goods problem was gigantic. Relief goods that should have been distributed to the Typhoon Yolanda victims were neglected. Instead, for some reason both Marbobo and Stinky allowed them to rot. He also showed his arrogance in Tacloban claiming that his words were merely taken out of context.

The Yolanda relief operation fiasco should have been good ground to demand Marbobo not to be allowed to run for any office. He should have been held liable for the missing funds and that alone should be a ground to disqualify him from the presidential race. Instead, he was even allowed to run for president aside from the questionable Jejomar Binay. What was worse he had the nerve to present himself as the "superhero of Tacloban" claiming it was based on real events when he lied about it. Not even the endorsement done by Loida Nicolas-Lewis was enough to give him attention. None of his political stunts helped him get his vote.

Instead, there were still some who insisted in #OrasNaRoxasNa (It's now time for Roxas) for office. But if there's anything useful for #OrasNaRoxasNa it should be #OrasNaRoxasNa in jail. Besides, shouldn't it be #OrasNaPosasNa (It's time for cuffs) instead because he should have been jailed for a long time. Better, he should have shared the same fate of the Chinese health minister who was responsible for the Chinese melamine milk scandal.


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