Jim Paredes And The People Involved With #CocoyGate Are Bullies Themselves

It's funny how Jim Paredes would consider Lorraine Badoy the Undersecretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office as a bully without considering he's also a bully. He supports that idiotic Pinoy Ako Blog better yet renamed as PNoy Ako blog. I've read the toxic contents of Pinoy Ako Blog and my mind can't even comprehend its cancerous content. It's so full of nonsense plus wasn't Cocoy Dayao and his pals (aside from Paredes) guilty of bullying Duterte supporters?

Let's go back to what Paredes did at EDSA celebration. Don't tell me what he did wasn't an act of bullying? He was acting like as if he were the "King of EDSA". He was showing the marks of a dictator. He said all colors are welcome yet why did he get mad at the Duterte supporters? If he didn't like their opinion he could have simply asked them questions without being arrogant. Instead, he showed just how much of a DICTATOR he really is. He acted like owned the whole EDSA revolution or EDSA avenue. He has no right to criticize Badoy for "bullying" Jover Laurio who is part of Operation #CocoyGate because of his habitual bullying.

It's time to think about Laurio and her participation in the #CocoyGate network. The whole issue is that what Laurio did isn't just ordinary slander. In fact, she could already be guilty of heavy libel. Also, Pinoy Ako Blog could also be charged with sedition against the current government. I guess these people don't realize the HUGE difference between being critical of President Duterte vs. inciting sedition against an incumbent president. If they were simply critical of President Duterte with some of his actions they have the right to question him. But what #CocoyGate is doing is spreading misinformation that could harm not only President Duterte but other people in the current administration.

Old man Paredes may need to get some psychiatric help ASAP. If he's no longer a Filipino then it would better if he just leaves for Australia and stay there. He's nothing more than a menace to Filipinos who have awakened to the truth. Better yet, he and his kind may consider find an uncharted island to create their own sovereign PNoy State.


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