Toei, Tsubaraya, Toho, Etc. Don't Need To Pay Filipino Tokusatsu Fans To Bash Teleseryes

Is it me or is the trend of accusing your fellow Filipino of being a "bayaran ni (insert name)" isn't it? Whether it's the classic Marcos vs. Aquino feud (and neither side is worth siding with) or just anything I think there's the tendency to accuse anyone of being bayaran of certain people. I even want to imagine that some teleserye viewers are probably accusing their peers or relatives who watch Tokusatsu and bash teleseryes as being "bayaran" of companies like Toei, Tsubaraya and Toho.

I love this bringing this meme up whenever it comes to people who say that they're watching teleseryes in the name of "nationalism". Some of them may even say if you watch Tokusatsu you are "siding with the enemy" never mind that World War 2 is over and the Empire of Japan has long been dead. There's always all the common, irritating ways that Filipino Toku fans are heckled by teleserye viewers such as telling them to move to Japan. Of course my favorite response to them is that their favorite shows were filmed with the use of IMPORTED EQUIPMENT and that a lot of electronic technology we enjoy today is from Japan. If they hate Japan so much why are they still having DVD players and rice cookers at home? I wonder can anyone live conveniently in this world by betting rid of all items that were invented in Japan. I wouldn't want that and I mean I enjoy DVD technology, I have lots of Sony and Toshiba items at home and I wonder if I could live in this day and age without Japanese inventions.

Did any Japanese company need to pay Filipino Tokusatsu fans to damage Zaido: Pulis Pangkagagohan? Filipino Tokusatsu fans who write on their spare time probably ruined it even before Toei could find them and hire them to destroy it. Zaido is so bootleg in terms of its quality that you could compare its quality to illegal reproductions of the legitimate product. The whole show looked like an unlicensed reproduction even when it isn't. In a sense, when some people call something a licensed production as bootleg please remember that it means that they're not telling you it's an illegal reproduction. The term bootleg has been used to describe not only illegal reproductions but also anything of poor quality. I mean, check out the quality of illegal reproductions vs. the original product and see the difference. Get a genuine Bandai merchandise vs. the unlicensed toys based on Bandai merchandise and that's where some fans use "bootleg" to describe anything of bad quality.

I think a lot of Filipino Tokusatsu fans are probably more than ready to smash their head or rip their hair whenever there's nothing but teleseryes to watch (or networks keep airing the Americanized versions of the Japanese versions because they also have the American superiority mentality stuck in their minds) or if there's Tokusastu then expect some bad dubs. After the Kamen Rider OOO disaster then you might as well expect GMA-7 will air Kamen Rider Drive with the cast of Tsuperhero doing the voiceover of the Japanese cast. Can you imagine how Shinnosuke Tomari will sound if he were voiced by Tsuperhero? Toei doesn't even need to find Filipinos to bash Tsuperhero because the bashing will happen even before any recruitment could happen.