You May Consider Eating Expired Relief Goods If You Want To Reject Judy Taguiwalo As DSWD Secretary

It's amazing how the Yellowtards are attacking President Rodrigo R. Duterte with hashtags like #ChangeScamming, #SilentNoMore, #SilentNoMorePH, #FightForTheTruth and whatever tags that they can think of. One of the most recent attacks hit Judy Taguiwalo who has shown faster and better support than Stinky Soliman. It's more than time to dare these Yellowtards to eat expired relief goods if they want to reject Judy's competence and embrace Stinky's incompetence. 

Based on Yellowtard logic that everything Yellow is good and everything else is wrong then I should challenge them to eat expired relief goods if ever they become victims of disasters or eat some right now to prove Stinky is better than Judy. Do you remember the whole Yolanda case? The DSWD under Stinky herself was a real failure. Netizens praised the current DSWD administration for its timely distribution. It's a much better comparison than Stinky's neglect. You don't need to be a political analyst to figure out that rotten relief goods are just as bad as having no relief goods for victims. I could challenge them to eat expired relief goods if they think that Stinky is better than Taguiwalo.

#OrasNaRoxasNa? Roxas puno at malinis? Who are the Yellowtards trying to kid? Just think it over that the COMELEC even allow him run in the first place in spite of the Yolanda relief operation fiasco. He and Stinky should have been dismissed and jailed preferably for life or executed by firing squad for what they did. Do you remember what happened to Zheng Xiaoyu? He was executed by firing squad. Roxas and Stinky should have been executed or put to jail for life. If Roxas won just think of all the disasters that will happen. That alone made Loida Nicolas Lewis' claim that Roxas and Leni Loud Robredo as the only suitable candidates to be BALONEY.

Just think what if Roxas were president. Maybe the DSWD would still have more of Stinky's anomalies revived through new appointees. Maybe there will be more cover-ups and DSWD funds. But it's a good thing that Judy herself has taken over Stinky. It's time to fight and make sure that Judy gets formalized by the Commission on Appointments. Also make sure that both Mar and Stinky will get their just desserts for the Yolanda relief operation fiasco.