PNoys Pretend To Be For The Pinoy But They're Actually Against The Pinoy

It's very easy to say that you're a Filipino and you love your country. It's easy to say you love somebody but your actions prove otherwise. The same is happening for the Yellowtard party. The Yellowtards have revealed their true colors during the Duterte administration. The Liberal Party isn't a healthy opposition for the Philippines. Rather, it's just a sore loser party that can't accept it that Marbobo Roxas didn't win the presidency. Their loyalty is not to their country but towards their own agendas to paint the Philippines yellow and nothing but yellow. They only want to have yellow as the only color for the Philippines and nothing else. Ironically, Cynthia Patay called for the boycott of Yellow Cab Pizza for supporting President Rodrigo R. Duterte. For starters, Pinoy is an acceptable synonym for Filipinos but not the word PNoy. PNoy is a shortcut for President Noynoy not another word for Filipino. PNoy can now be used as any Pinoy whose loyalty is not to the Philippines but to the Liberal Party's PNoy First Policy

What the Liberal Party is doing isn't pro-Filipino but only pro-Aquino and associates. Their loyalty is to the Empire of Aquino. These Yellowtards always rejoice in disasters that doesn't involve them or their adherence to the Empire of Manila. They'd rather let the ill-thought opinions of Loida Nicolas Lewis. It's amazing to see how Lewis denies she has no intention to overthrow the president but she insists that the president must resign now.  A misfortune in the Philippines whether it's in Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao is not something to rejoice out. A non-Tagalog Pinoy who succeeds is still an achievement by a Pinoy. Pinoys are not only limited to Tagalogs but also to other types of Pinoys. Everyone in the Philippines should be considered a Pinoy or Filipino. They are not healthy opposition but they're there to derail the government when things don't go their way. There's a fine line between a healthy opposition and a non-healthy one. 

Here's some examples to illustrate the differences of a healthy opposition and a non-healthy opposition. President Duterte's plans to reformat Math education and abolishing K+12 isn't something I'd go for. I would gladly constructively criticize President Duterte not to push through with them while I support him with his plans for federal-parliamentary governance and economic liberalization for the Philippines. It would be like anybody can tell Senator Richard Gordon that system change must come first. Gordon doesn't belong to the same party as President Duterte but he offers constructive advice. DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo also didn't like the idea of burying the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani but she's still willing to fight for President Duterte's plans for competence. Other people who don't belong to Senator Gordon's or President Duterte's party also give advice on how to improve systems. Being a healthy opposition means to oppose anything that won't be good and offering pros and cons to improve the planning system. 

What they're doing is allowing the mistakes of the Liberal Party to stay as is instead of correcting them. After all, isn't it in their minds that they think that mistakes under the Liberal Party's watch aren't mistakes? I simply want to tell them that if that's how they think then here's a series of challenges. They could hire incompetent cops like Alan Impurisima to protect them. They could reject Taguiwalo's fresh relief goods if they're ever hit by any disaster and eat expired relief goods given by Stinky Soliman. If they say implementing military law is bad for Mindanao then why don't they handle the situation themselves? It must just end up like the Mamasapano Massacre with them in charge. They also advocated upholding the 1987 Constitution but they can never open the jar of progress. By not making corrections whenever necessary these PNoys have continued to let these social cancers grow out of control.

As said, enough is enough. Tama na, sobra na. The Philippines is for Pinoys or Filipinos. PNoys should just form their own separate state. After all, wasn't it PNoys that also cause a lot of problems for every decent Pinoy around?