"Pero Nangyari Naman Yun Sa Ibang Bansa" Is A Poor Excuse To Enjoy One's Blunder

Do you ever feel frustrated whenever you're a Filipino who talks against what happens and your fellow Filipino just tells you, "Pero nangyari naman yun sa ibang bansa!"? That kind of incident should be frustrating for any Filipino seeking improvement. So what's with the whole argument that says in English, "But it also happens in other countries!" as an excuse? The statement alone is problematic because it relies on the bandwagon mentality. Saying "pero nangyari naman yun sa ibang bansa" has always been a typical excuse to enjoy one's blunder. I remembered a lot of incidents like the time of the Manila Hostage Crisis or let's just say ANY criminal incident that happens in the Philippines. It's time to tell them that the issue isn't whether or not something that happens in the Philippines also happens in other countries but what Philippine authorities do. 

I don't deny crimes and disasters also happen in developed countries like Singapore and Taiwan. The difference lies in how competent developed countries are in dealing with crimes and disasters. The Yolanda disaster incident revealed a lot of what's wrong with how authorities do their jobs in the Philippines. Poor rescue operation and unaccountable behavior followed the aftermath of the typhoon. The Department of Social Welfare and Development under Stinky Soliman not only allowed the relief goods to rot but also stole billions worth of Yolanda funds. Would have the incident happened in China then maybe Stinky would have met the same fate as the late dismissed Chinese health minister Zheng Xiaoyu last 2008. Worse, Marbobo Roxas even dared to claim he was the hero of Tacloban even when he isn't.

Iif something bad happened or is happening in other countries then shouldn't be a lesson for your country? Do you want it to happen to your country? Think whether or not you want such incidents to happen or to keep happening in your country? Think whether or not you want such incidents to happen in your country with authorities being negligent towards them. It's time to stop saying, "Pero nangyari naman yun sa ibang bansa." because that kind of attitude is causing the Philippines to sink. Do you love the Philippines? Then stop this kind of attitude that's making the Philippines a rathole for a very long time.