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Friday, December 9, 2016

The Dysfunctional Pinoy Bandwagon VS. The Enlightened Pinoy!

Ever heard of the bandwagon effect? It's defined by the Business Dictionary as, "A psychological theory where individuals will do something primarily because other individuals are doing it, regardless of their own beliefs, which they will ignore or override. This effect has the capability to produce wide implications, but is most often seen in the areas of politics as well as in consumer behavior. For instance, in politics, individuals may vote for a candidate because he or she is most popular and the voters want to be considered as part of the majority. It can also be seen during bull markets and the growth of asset bubbles. It can also be referred to as herd mentality." 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Falsely Accusing Non-Pinoys Of Being Racist Toward Pinoys Just To Enjoy One's Blunder!

Based on this Butthurt Philippines comic strip, there's always the irritating attitude that many Filipinos have that they tend to accuse foreigners who offer criticism to them to be racist. Some people even think this blog is very anti-Filipino and racist towards Filipinos without pointing the specifics. A lot of stupid stuff like attacking the person instead of the argument and not making sensible conclusions are done to further enjoy their blunder. The bitter irony is that many times those who call others to be very stupid tend to be even more stupid.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Learning More About Glocalization

I'm getting tired of all the paranoia that keeps saying, "Foreigners will run us Filipinos dry!" Yet they're not worried that the oligarchs may bully and destroy the small businesses that Filipino businessmen are relying on to earn for a living. The average Filipino small-time businessman is forced to kneel before the sloppy services of the oligarchy. That's not right, isn't it? Now it's time to talk about the phenomenon called glocalization. Glocal is a combination of local and global.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

What Filipinos Can Learn From The Fairy Tale "The Scholars And The Lion"

Do we ever bother to sit down and think that no matter how many stories are intended to be portrayed as fiction may teach us something? There's a short story I remembered called the scholars and the lion. Four have been friends but one was not yet a scholar. The problem was that even if the other three were learned they didn't use their common sense. What they did was to bring the dead lion to life killing them. What's the moral of the story? It's not that if you're educated that you're stupid. Instead, the moral of the lesson is that you can get educated all you want but you can still be such a stupid person if you lack common sense. A lack of common sense isn't always linked to one's intelligence or lack of it but rather it can be caused by being overly emotional or prideful.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Stupidity Of Prioritizing Rallies Over Class Attendance!

This issue is nothing new and I don't need to be a political analyst to say, "WTF is wrong with you!" to people who choose to skip their classes to join those stupid rallies. I remembered how I attended my classes and my introduction to international marketing professor said something like, "I don't care about your stupid rallies! It's not excusable compared to if you got sick, hospitalized or met an accident along the way! Let those activists help you when I give you a failing grade!" I couldn't help but agree with her. While I'm no genius or anything but I passed through her strict policies by studying hard and following simple guidelines