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Nirvana Fallacy VS. Correct Philippines' Three Point Agenda

The Nirvana fallacy is defined by Logically Fallacious as: "Comparing a realistic solution with an idealized one, and dismissing or even discounting the realistic solution as a result of comparing to a "perfect world" or impossible standard. Ignoring the fact that improvements are often good enough reason." This is the problem among many Filipinos tend to lean on the Nirvana fallacy. It's not surprising considering that many Filipinos tend to get stuck with what some Netizens call as "The Poor Filipino Logic".

Let's take a look at the unfortunate incidents of Pinoy bandwagons and how they expect their leaders to do everything for them. Maybe some of former president Noynoy Aquino's critical receptions are more based on him not being the ideal leader than all his flaws. Some people probably voted for President Rodrigo R. Duterte not based on his strengths and weaknesses but because they're Dutertards. I may be a Duterte supporter but I…

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