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Why The Dysfunctional 1987 Constitution Should Go Kaboom First

It's quite unfortunate that Richard Gordon himself who I admire also has said that federalism can't work and that the Filipino attitude must change first. Just like President Rodrigo Duterte, I also don't agree with everything Gordon says. Sure Gordon is right when it comes to not being "pro-poor" and he got mad with David Guerrero's tagline. Now it's time to think about the whole getting rid of the old system. I hope that this reaches Gordon and he can see his mistake. This is just like I support President Duterte but his supporters must criticize him when he's wrong.

I remembered how I discussed with the K+12 program during one of my conversations with a college professor. I was asked by him, "What do you think of the K+12?" I soon said, "We need to change the attitude of people first." Then I was told, "That will take forever! The Philippines is too used to associating the Pinoy identity to enjoy their blunder." I fel…

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