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Has March Really Become Victim Card Mentality Month In The Philippines?

It seems to be March is already victim card mentality month in the Philippines instead of victim card mentality awareness month. Why do I say that? I defense of my opinion, I would present some of my facts why I think March has become "Victim Card Mentality Month". I remembered watching "Magpakailanman" which had the story of the late Flor Contemplacion's daughter. Remember that the late Flor Contemplacion was given the death penalty for murder on March 17, 1995. On March 9, 2011 we would also witness the arrest of Flor's three sons the late Sandrex (who died in jail) and the twins Joel and Junjun were locked up for drug pushing. On March 30, 2011 then it happened that the three drug mules Sally Villanueva, Ramon Credo and Elizabeth Batain (no picture) were executed in China after they were found guilty of drug trafficking after a three year investigation period.

Before the execution of the three drug mules, this video has become a huge mainstream and the …

The Philippines Shouldn't Put All Its Eggs In Just One Or Just A Few Baskets

Ever heard of the expression that you don't put your eggs in all just one basket? The idiom itself means that you rely too much on one thing instead of seeking diversification. I guess it's a problem that the Philippines has right now. Although I'm not an economist but it's not hard to see how putting all your eggs in just one basket or just a few baskets when there are a lot of eggs can be risky. If you only had one basket for everything rather than have one basket for keeping supplies of balut and the others for selling then you're bound to lose everything in one shot. If the balut vendor's basket is the only basket for putting all that delicious balut then it's risky. Let's assume that the balut vendor loses his or her basket to any unfortunate event and that was the only basket for all the balut. Would have it been safer if he or she had several baskets for all that balut? The more balut you have the more baskets you need to store them and the more…

Lugaw Committee Head Leni Robredo Can Still Be Unseated Even If She's The Real Vice President

Let's just assume that Leni Robredo is the real vice president. I'm already it finding hard to listen to her because she's got that mukhang walang kasing kapal. The PNP is right to say "Where's the proof the operation palit ulo?" to the Lugaw Queen. Here's the reality that she must face. Just because she's the recognized vice president (IF EVER) doesn't mean that she can't be unseated.

What charges can unseat Leni right now? She's already abusing her rights to free speech. Just because democracy gives one the right to free speech doesn't mean it should be misused and abused. Too much of anything you need can kill you. You want a hot meal but you definitely don't want to eat your meal when it's blazing hot. You want to drink clean water but too much of it can suffocate you. Philippine democracy is another example of misused democracy. There's a fine line between free speech and and sedition. Free speech was given so people …

How Migraine International Isn't Helping The Philippines

"Happy" Flor Contemplacion Day anyone? I don't know if some Filipinos right now are still celebrating the event with plays, rallies, watching the B.S. film called the Flor Contemplacion Story or whatever methods they have to keep mourning for a person who's been dead for 22 years now or insisting her innocence when she's really guilty. Migraine International decided to make a "saint' out of Flor and has invoked her name more than once in many instances. They even have their #NoToAnotherFlorContemplacion campaign every time an Overseas Filipino Worker is about to meet the chopping board for crimes committed.

For The Love Of Endorsing Dead Politician's Widows As Candidates

Just listening to Leni Gerona-Robredo right now is quite a chore. While #NagaLeaks' credibility is still under question but what's more important is Leni's lack of credibility. EDSA Anniversary may be over but let's think about how the Widow Card really brought problems to the Philippines. This is not in any way seeking to absolve blame of the late Ferdnand E. Marcos Sr. but an attempt to see it beyond the retarded wards of Marcostards vs. Aquinotards. Just because the late Marcos Sr. is no hero doesn't mean that the Aquinos are heroes. Right now, I'm even having doubts over one man I used to admire so much and served as an inspiration for this blog namely the late Ninoy Aquino.

Internet TV Is A Threat To The Philippine Oligarchy

Although I'm NOT an Information Technology expert but I could at least share my views on what could be going on with the Philippine Internet companies. It's been some time since I posted about Internet that only certain privileged could get. It's no secret that the Philippines has the slowest Internet in the ASEAN. Granted, the Philippines is an archipelago then how in the world can TWO Internet Service Providers give efficient service to a nation of 7,107 islands?

Eye Candy Won't Make Telebasuras Taste Any Better

Ever tried eating something that looks so delicious but it turns out to taste like trash? Ever bought something fancy but it turned out to be horrible in terms of quality? Ever went to an expensive restaurant but the price wasn't worth it because the food tasted awful or nothing special about it? I would like to use that analogy to describe telebasuras and their use of eye candy. I could talk about how telebasuras whether's it from ABiaS-CBN or GMA-7 use eye candy a lot in their shows. Palyang Robin Hood (which is really a bootleg quality version of Arrow) places eye candy placements presumably for ratings. ABiaS-CBN has Shaina Magdayao is currently starring in "The Better Half" and I admit I find her attractive. There have been other gimmicks like hot men for the female audience. But eye candy never changes the fact that garbage is STILL garbage.

How Leila Dilemma And Jim Paredes Lost Their Supporters

Is it me or is it amazing how Leila Dilemma and Jim Paredes lost their support from their own camp? I was too angry with the old man and my blood pressure shot up yet again that I didn't want to update on him. What ended up coming was that some fans of Paredes started to berate him for his extreme misbehavior. If and if ever he was planning to have a concert then fans have every right to demand a refund. Two, they could go there to boo him for his misconduct.