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Why Throwing Out An Incompetence-Based System Should Come First

It's very easy to say we should weak out incompetent people but is that enough? If you remembered I wrote that the dysfunctional 1987 constitution should go kaboom first. It's time we discuss about why we need a competency based system before we can effectively weed out the incompetent. It's the chicken and the egg. There has to be system change first or there should be a set of rules first before you can expect changes. Waiting for Filipinos to change is just like waiting for thievery to stop before you set rules against it. Trying to get rid of weeds in your garden without the right tools and methods will just tire out the gardener. 
Replacing the popularity-based presidential-unitary system with the competency-based parliamentary-federal system
I agree that the Philippines as a nation should go federal. After reading the basics of federalism it's nice to know how the country can be decongested. The country is plagued with a democracy meant for stupid people no thank…

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