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Ever Wonder Why Stinky Soliman Joins The Fund Raising Movement For Leni Loud Robredo?

That's right. Stinky Soliman has joined the #SilentMajority or is there such a thing as the "Silent Majority". I doubt it that it exists. So what is Stinky doing there in the fund raising for Leni Loud Robredo's protest against Bongbong Marcos? Why are they asking piso for Leni Loud? I thought about a lot of possible reasons that if we look at their expenses it would probably answer why they're now asking piso for Leni Loud.  
There's the reality in the world of business that both your advertisement and your product MUST MATCH. It's like if you're advertising that you're serving really tasty hamburgers then you must make sure your hamburgers taste good. Jollibee has the right to brag about its delicious hamburgers because they really taste good. It's really langhap sarap. The problem wast hat they were endorsing Marbobo Roxas as the "hope of the future" but not even Manang Loida's endorsement could bring his approval rating up. …

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