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Saturday, January 21, 2017

PNoy Pride Logic: Tragedies Not During Noynoy's Term Are Always Worse Than Tragedies Under Noynoy's Term!

It's time to examine the mind of the Yellowtards or PNoys to show how illogical they really are. It would be interesting that PNoys would now dare to say that the incident killing Jee Ick Joo is more "nakakahiya" than the whole Manila Hostage Crisis incident. But allow me to point out some differences that happened between the two incidents. Manila Hostage Crisis could have easily been solved but Nonoy took no action while he was nearby. General Bato Dela Rosa melted in shame over the incident. What might need to be pointed out that Alan Impurisima's term as PNP Chief left Bato with a LOT of responsibility to clean up the PNP due to a lot of corrupt cops that need to be kicked out. That's just a few things that I could name. Not to mention National Geographic featured the whole fiasco called the Manila Hostage Crisis

Friday, January 20, 2017

How Can The Philippines Progress If Too Many Filipinos Prioritize Petty Issues Instead Of Real Problems?

Based on this clip from Butthurt Philippines, one can see an illustration where a patient died because the nurse got distracted by something so trivial. I hate to admit it but it seems to be another point in common between many Filipinos and many Americans to focus on petty issues. Let's take for example one petty issue would be like a Star Wars vs. Star Trek fan war. Honestly, what I want to tell them is "WALA AKONG PAKI!" to such people. It's not like as if a Star Wars vs. Star Trek (or anything similar) is a big issue or that the whole nation will die if either Star Wars or Star Trek will be shown at the cinema.

Did Senator Antonio Trillanes IV Just End Up Spilling The Beans?!

Do you remember Antonio Trillanes IV's failed coup that landed him in jail for a while? The coup was so short-lived that one could go ahead and question his abilities as a leader. That was just an example of how stupid Trillanes is.

This time, GMA-7 News has given a rather interesting take that he wants to have social media trolls held accountable. Here's what it says and read it for yourself:
To protect the public from misinformation, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has called for a Senate investigation on the proliferation of fake and misleading reports, saying authors and “social media trolls” should be held accountable under the law. 
Trillanes filed Senate Resolution No. 259 urging the Senate committee on public information to conduct an inquiry on the proliferation of false, erroneous, distorted, fabricated and/or misleading news and information on social media. 
“Instead of being a tool for empowerment, the social media has become a platform for political propaganda, deceit and manipulation, which has been continually abused and misused for the sake of personal or political agenda, at the expense of rational discourse and discussion with the proliferation of the so-called ‘social media trolls,” Trillanes said.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Will Noytards Or PNoy Pridists Please Form Their Own Separate State In Some Uncharted Island/s?

It entered into my mind that maybe it's more than time to tell Noytards to get out of the Philippines and find an uncharted island where they can form their own separate state. They could ask Mrs. Loida Nicolas-Lewis to buy them an island or some uncharted islands, go there and they could go there and form their own separate state. For starters, the symbol of the Philippines is the Filipino flag and not the yellow ribbon. Filipinos may be alternatively called as Pinoys (and I hate the idea of using Pinoy as a negative word) but NEVER as PNoys. Pinoy is just a neutral term and there's a good Pinoy and a bad Pinoy. But the world PNoy should always be associated with words like thief, murderer and crook. The PNoy is the bad Filipino whose loyalty belongs to the Aquinos and not the Filipino

Monday, January 16, 2017

Those Annoying PNoys Just Love To Play The Blame Game!

PNoys are indeed a constant source of trouble for every law abiding Pinoy who wants to see the Philippines improve, aren't they? The PNoy Mindset is that like former President Noynoy who was also called PNoy during his term (and I use that term to describe Filipinos whose loyalty is towards the Empire of Aquino) is the prevalence of the blame game. Since their mindset is PNoy First then it's only natural that these idiots think that everything Noynoy does is good and everyone else is bad. It's just like how that idiot Loida Nicolas-Lewis believes that only the clown Mar A. Roxas and Leni M. Robredo are capable of running the country. What's Mrs. Lewis going to say next? Kris Aquino should be president? Please Mrs. Lewis just shut up because you don't own the Philippines!