Saturday, August 20, 2016

Former President Noynoy Aquino Is NO HERO To The Philippines!

Considering that tomorrow is Ninoy Aquino day, I thought I'd consider doing something different. Instead of focusing on the late Ninoy, I think I might focus on the former president Noynoy. Noynoy did mention that he might become a hero like his father to preserve his father's legacy. Big talk for that guy considering he didn't even willingly risk his neck during the Manila Hostage Crisis or the SAF-44 incident. Instead, what does that guy do anyway? It's all but big talk and Noytards just can't accept that Noynoy is not the best president ever neither is he a hero for the Philippines.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Filipinos Fighting For Constitutional Reform For A Better Philippines Are Also New Heroes!

Forget about the, "All OFWs are the new heroes." hype because that's not true. While some OFWs are indeed new heroes but others are just Okay Fine Whatever that's why many of them remain poor. There's NOTHING heroic about working abroad, feeding leeches and starting the cycle all over again. But do you know who are among the new heroes of the Philippines? I'm not just going to focus on Filipinos who show the world that the Philippines can achieve something by winning competitions and contributing to knowledge but also Filipinos who are fighting for a better Philippines. They're new heroes not only because they follow simple guidelines but also they're fighting to make the Philippines a better place.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Indifference Is Killing The Filipino Society!

Do you ever think this picture is true anywhere? It's also true for the Filipino society and puh-lease, don't give me any more of, "Well nangyari naman yun sa ibang bansa!" or "Well, it's also happening in other countries." because that kind of behavior contributes to failure. The issue has Filipinos who are trying to save the sinking boat vs. Filipinos who are glad that the hole isn't in their end and are indifferent. I think that kind of situation also was another good reason why a lot of ship disasters also happen. 

Friday, August 12, 2016

It's More Than Time To Abolish The Commission Of "Human Rights" FOREVER!

Ever since President Duterte started declaring necessary changes for law enforcement, ever since Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. rightfully hurt the impunity lovers by showing them he's NOT their hero and ever since PNP Chief Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa or "Mr. Clean" started some important reforms to make sure that the Bilibid won't become a motel there's been widespread protests from the Commission on Human Rights which doesn't act according to its name. Are they defending the rights of people or are they just protecting criminals? Side note, when Justice Secretary Aguirre covered his ears in court during Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's nagging, he wasn't against her lecture per se only her lack of self-control during that time. So get over it impunity lovers that he's not your new hero. Even Justice Aguirre admits Santiago is pretty knowledgeable with her work even when he criticized her lack of self-control. At least, he wasn't being biased compared to those who called him their new hero. 

You Say That There's No Such Thing As Racist Filipinos? Really, Tell Me About It!

Racism is a reality and no race is ever excluded from it. It's really annoying to have racists, isn't it? It's a problem whenever certain Filipinos tend to label someone outside their ethnicity as "racist" whenever they're criticized. While there's always ground to tell people how not to offer criticism but the problem is when you assume all criticism is an act of racism. What's worse is that some Filipinos may even outrageously claim that there's no such thing as a Filipino racist. But let me really raise this question against them with this statement, "REALLY? TELL ME ABOUT IT!"