Monday, October 24, 2016

Let's Face It That Agot Isidro Is Delusional!

It's really disappointing to think how people can be so willfully stupid. With this comment she made, she's saying in English, "It's just now I've experienced traffic that bad. Is that the accomplishment that Duterte wants to boast about? He can't even fix simple traffic. He's prioritizing boasting and flaunting instead." I don't even know what reaction is so appropriate for such a stupid comment.

Did Agot ride a helicopter during the heavy traffic under the Noynoy Aquino administration and the Duterte Administration won't let her ride a chopper anymore? Is she thinking that traffic under Aquino means progress while traffic under Duterte is not okay? No, heavy traffic is NEVER okay regardless who's president. But for the Noytards, Noynoy can definitely do no wrong and he's always right. Considering that she's also part of ABiaS-CBN and the whole Aquino network then she's already starting to make people forget Noynoy's horrible traffic mismanagement.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Habitual Tardiness Is A Huge Enemy To Progress

I wrote the article on how habitual tardiness contributes to inefficiency, I would like to talk about how habitual tardiness is a real enemy to progress. It's annoying for any decent Pinoy to keep hearing, "But it's Filipino time! We're Filipinos and we must always be late!" type of excuse. No, being late is not an act of nationalism. It's just an act of stupidity. Do you want Pinoys to be always tagged with being late or do you want Pinoys to be tagged as punctual people? For the pseudo-nationalist, they'd probably choose the former than the latter.

Let's think of how habitual tardiness contributes to inefficiency. There's always a time table that the managers and executives follow to keep a company in check. This schedule is followed strictly based on optimization of operations within the organization. This schedule is done to make sure there will be less lag and more progress. But if the schedule is not followed and tardiness is tolerated then how can you expect the organization to be efficient? While it takes an expert in operations management to create an optimal schedule and to figure out the bottleneck constraints in the company but it doesn't take a genius to figure it out tardiness destroys both efficiency and effectiveness.

Noytards Should Let Noynoy Get Run Over By A Train Before They Demand President Duterte To Ride His Jetski To China!

Senator Richard Gordon is right that President Rodrigo R. Duterte needs to control his mouth. Maybe we're seeing a lot of Noytards who are saying that President Duterte didn't fulfill his promise of riding the jetski. I agree, the president should haven't said that unless if he was just joking. But let's raise another issue. Of course, Dutertards please shut up also because not everything Duterte does is right either. I agree with Duterte's plan for free trade, federalism and parliamentary government but he needs to work hard with controlling his mouth. He can't be Deadpool or the Punisher and be the President at the same time can he?

Did the Noytards ever forget the hyperbole that could have made a great movie called Sagasa 2016? Both Noynoy Aquino and Joseph Emilio Pabaya promised that if the expressway would not be finished by December 31, 2015 then they would allow themselves to be run over by a train. Both of them failed to fulfill their promise even after Chinese New Year arrived. If they want to see President Duterte ride his jetski to China then they should also let people see Noynoy and Pabaya fulfill their promise of getting ran over by a train.