Martial Law Crybabies Analyze Martial Law The Same Way Mar Roxas Analyzes Hammers

Tomorrow is the "celebration" of martial law day. It's time to deal with martial law crybabies who want to get rid of martial law because it hurt someone. What's even funnier is that the trait of martial law crybabies is passed from one generation after the other. It's probably taught from one generation after the other. Others say they are martial law survivors even if they weren't even arrested or tortured. They want martial law removed. The blame martial law for the abuses instead of the one misusing and abusing the martial law. The same can be said with Mar Roxas' solution on requiring permits to carry hammers as his solution to the martilyo gang.

Should we always ban something because it hurt someone? Not always. Hammers and martial law are two stuff that could benefit but they could hurt someone when misused or abused. The problem with Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. is not him declaring martial law but its misuse and abuse. Martial law is sometimes necessary and it's still constitutional. It can be declared in times of emergency. Carpenters need their hammers and we also need hammers to hammer things to our wall. So the problem is not martial law and hammers but their misuse. They are supposed to be beneficial but they can also be misused and abused. The only time martial law should be questioned is when there's no regulation or check and balance to make sure soldiers or authority figures don't abuse their authority.

If you consider using Mar's logic then here's what. He calls for the regulation of hammers or if I'm not wrong he even wants to ban their sales in malls. I guess we should also call for the ban of anything that harmed anyone without considering if it was needed for everyday life. I guess we should ban water because somebody drowned, fire because it set a village on fire or air because somebody hyperventilated. I guess he doesn't realize that something is banned not because it hurt someone from its misuse but rather nothing beneficial comes from it. It's just like we ban shabu not only because it hurt someone but because nothing good comes out of it. Most people tend to fail to analyze things based on a case-to-case basis.