The Only "Budget" Cheato Gascon And His Fellow Dilawans At CHR Should Get Is Their TERMINATION PAY

I guess my stance for Commission on Human Rights has gone from abolition to cleaning up the organization. House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez wants to cut the budget for CHR but I think he could consider this one: he should consider giving them budget but only for the termination of Gascon and his cohorts. That budget will be to issue to Gascon and his cohorts their termination pay as they should be rightfully dismissed from their posts.

Maybe CHR isn't really the problem but people like former chairpersons Leila Dilemma, Etta Rosales and now incumbent Gascon. CHR is supposed to be a commission on defending human rights but it's been playing selective justice. If abolishing it isn't the solution then it should be firing all those idiots that made it into an impunity-based organization. Firing Gascon and his fellow Dilawans should be the start of changes to make sure CHR defends democracy and not democrazy. Then it's time to get a new Chairperson who we know has a much better record than Dilemma, Rosales and Gascon.


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