South Korean Entertainment Companies Don't Need To Pay Pinoy Bloggers To Write Against Teleseryes

It's a very common trend in the Philippines to accuse your fellow Pinoy or just anyone to be "binayaran". If you write something for President Duterte then some Pinoys are quick to accuse that the person is paid by the Duterte Camp. Some Duterte supporters are sad to say to quickly accuse all Dilawans as bayarans when that's not always the case. In the case of this article, it shouldn't be a surprise if stupid networks like ABiaS-CBN and GMA-7 or anyone who loves watching those stupid primetime teleseryes would accuse anyone of being paid by South Korean entertainment companies to write articles against their beloved teleseryes.

I'd like to give a hypothetical scenario. A Pinoy blogger starts writing a lot of favorable reviews for his or her favorite Koreanovelas. At the same time, he or she may also write a lot of unfavorable articles about teleseryes. He or she may start writing why teleseryes suck and South Korean dramas rock. He may also write how Filipino TV dramas could learn from South Korean dramas. But in a country full of shallow minded people they may accuse him or her of "colonial mentality" for not preferring their local garbage. Just because a Filipino loves one's country doesn't mean that person should patronize any local garbage over something that's imported with better quality.

While there's such a thing as paid reviewers but South Korean entertainment companies don't need them. The reason is that Filipinos who are fed up with the stupidity of teleseryes will write everything bad about teleseryes for free. These bloggers may either be self-employed or employed. They may be earning money through their jobs or their businesses regardless of size. Word of mouth of how good the K-Dramas are and how bad teleseryes spread faster before any South Korean entertainment company can find them to write for them.

On the other hand, maybe just maybe those teleserye producing companies need to find paid bloggers to give them favorable reviews. But even if they do get paid bloggers how sure are they people will fall for their tricks? Just think of how non-paid bloggers are spreading the word of how awful teleseryes are that no amount of paid bloggers will help.