So What Really Happened To Her BDO Savings Account?

This is one problem that some people thought that the bank was unfair. I could give some basic lessons on penalizing savings accounts that caused it to reach to zero. I could share this very basic tip that doesn't need a financial graduate to understand it. Consider this fact that the banks do have their minimum balance policy. If you're told that you need a PHP 10,000.00 balance then you must abide by it otherwise you're going to keep getting penalized until your money goes to zero. I could remember the time I actually started opening a savings account and made sure I didn't go down below minimum and kept going above it. It's not that hard to understand that you need to keep your account active and maintain or increase from the minimum to avoid this incident from happening. 

So what could have happened behind the scenes? Assuming that the person who had her money down to zero is an OFW then think about why many of them tend to remain poor. It doesn't matter how big your salary is but if you spend beyond your means then you're not going to have much money left. While it's sometimes necessary to spend to save (ex. spending on securities such as insurance or spending more to get clean drinking water) but spending stuff on nonsense is the real problem. I think the person may have run out of money from her salary to the point she doesn't have enough money to maintain her savings account. I wonder did she take note that she needed a minimum of PHP 10,000.00 to make sure her account doesn't get penalized? Also, her account was dormant which in turn resulted to the dormancy fee getting charged to her account.

What she could have done was to make sure she kept that account active by following simple guidelines. She should have made sure that she wasn't only keeping her account at a minimum but also that she was going to go beyond the minimum. She should have focused on keeping that account active and growing instead of letting it stay dormant and below minimum. I hope that this is one hard lesson that many Filipinos will learn from on how to manage their savings accounts.