Possible Half-Brained Back-Up Schemes The Liberal Party Could Be Preparing

Just because President Duterte won doesn't mean that the Yellow Opposition has given up. I gave a thought on possible back-up plans to continue promoting PNoy Pride than to work together with the opposing parties for a common good. Come to think of it that Feeling Vice President Leni Loud Robredo is losing her approval ratings. The Independence Day parade this year didn't go so well as angry Netizens slammed Feeling VP Leni Loud with angry faces. The electoral recount is going on and let's say Feeling VP Leni Loud loses so what's the next possible plan?

File an electoral protest and claim that President Duterte cheated and that Marbobo Roxas is the real president

Although what I wrote about Marbobo Roxas filing an electoral protest is JUST A JOKE but what if this is in the range of back-up plans? Feeling VP Leni Loud is already getting a lot of "love" from the Filipino people. COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista is now facing an investigation for any ill-gotten wealth he had as his estranged wife Patricia brings up the incident. Maybe one planned distraction tactic by the Liberal Party to counter Bongbong Marcos' protest against Feeling VP Leni Loud is to let Marbobo protest against incumbent President Duterte. If they can't impeach him then come up with a claim he's not the legitimate president.

Necropolitics all over again if somebody from their party dies

They have done it with the late Corazon Aquino, they have done it with Leni Loud Robredo and if Marbobo will suddenly die they may do it with Korina Sanchez. Let's give a scenario where Marbobo gets shot by by a random criminal. It doesn't have to be a member of the NPA or any drug syndicate. It could just be someone who's had an angry grudge with him like someone from Tacloban who wants revenge on him. They might herald Korina (an inexperienced in the political arena news reporter) as the new Corazon Aquino. If they can't do it with Leni Loud then what if the next grieving widow to succeed (if ever) would be Korina. She may run for Senator for 2019 but if Marbobo ever dies in between 2019 to 2022 they might directly endorse her as the next president of the Philippines. You could think about how terrible it would be if Korina becomes the next president of the Philippines.

Worse comes to worst endorse Kris Aquino as a political candidate

This would probably be the biggest joke since Kris herself has been staying away from the media for whatever personal reasons she has. She's already losing relevance at a very rapid rate. There's no more Kris TV and I hope it stays that way. But what if they run out of options and decide to let her run for president if Marbobo lives through the Duterte presidency. They might want her to run this 2019 as a Senator and maybe let her become president by 2022. They might make a new slogan called "From Noynoy to Kris." to endorse her as the third Aquino to hold the presidency. Then again how much relevance does she have to even get a seat?