I Wish Gerphil Flores Were The One To Sing The Kamen Rider Build Theme With PANDORA

It's already 2017 and I can't still forget how two years ago we saw Gerphil Flores was humiliated by both Ai Ai Delas Malas and Kris Aquino. Right now, I thought of the scenario where Pinay singer Beverly Caiman will be featured for the opening theme song of Kamen Rider Build with PANDORA. Congratulations to Caiman but no offense but IMO I want to imagine Flores singing the Build opening theme song.

It always pisses me off to think how Failipino media or should I also mention PNoy Pride media (such as ABiaS-CBN) tend to smart shame talented Filipinos. Flores is one talented Pinay singer. Let's say Toei Ltd. noticed her and decided to teach her Japanese so she could sing with PANDORA. Then she decided to sing with PANDORA where she'll be the first Pinay to sing for Kamen Rider. I could imagine the slap this would bring to the face of Kris and Ai Ai if Flores were to take part in the singing of the Build opening theme.

But as said, I can still congratulate Caiman for her victory. As for Flores, I hope she can find some other way to slap Kris and Ai Ai on their faces by singing for a very popular show. That might meant hat both Kris and Ai Ai may end up making fools out of themselves while Filipinos who have had enough of them laugh at their misery.