Agot Isidro Blaming China For Drugs Is Stupid

It can't be denied that Agot Isidro is delusional. The way she tweeted on Twitter suggests that she doesn't do any basic research or use any common sense. There's a lot of stuff that you don't need to be a political analyst or a criminologist to find out. One of these is her claim that the drugs are from China or that she's insinuating that all drugs come from China as if there aren't any shabu factories around the world. Yes, a lot of drug dealers come from China but does she even know why drug dealers fly to the Philippines as well as other countries for some time even before the Noynoy administration?

Does she know China is actually serious on its war on drugs? You could think of the three drug mules who got executed in China or the incident that involved the death of Zheng Xiaoyu (and both Marbobo Roxas and Stinky Soliman should have shared his fate) for the melamine milk scandal. If you're a Chinese druglord would you want to do business in China where there's a 99.9% chance they'll execute you or would you do business in the Philippines where you can pay certain government offices to protect you from the Chinese government? I mean, if it's already against international law for China to invade Philippine territory (and vice-versa) then no Chinese government agents can arrest any Chinese citizen hiding in the Philippines without any extradition treaty.

I think she also failed to see some important events in China. Do you remember the time when Jaycee Chan got arrested in China and was locked up for six months? If he did the offense in the Philippines (which his offense happened last 2014) then maybe he would have gotten away thanks to Extrajudicial Kilig. Maybe, he would have had gotten away and he would have probably had a selfie with Leila Dilemma, Etta Rosales and Alan Impurisima or with any PNP. He would have probably invited a lot of Chinese actors to smoke weed in the Philippines because they could just pay the PNP, DOJ and CHR to protect their "right" to smoke weed. I guess she never realize how China is so strong on its war on drugs causing their drug dealers to flee the country.

This isn't any surprise considering that the Liberal Party already has some accusations that it has been involved with narcopolitics. The evidence on Leila Dilemma may be just one of them. It's no surprise that the Liberal Party asked for the help of UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard. Callamard even had the nerve to say that there's "no evidence" that shabu leads to violence. If that's true she should have a vacation in "Happyland" Tondo to prove to everyone that shabu doesn't lead to violence. I guess Agot just wants to keep blaming China all the while illegal Chinese were probably benefiting from the Liberal Party's narcopolitics and many more before them.