WTF: Filipino Ultranationalist Renato Reyes Jr. Drinks A Coke Float?

Here's a picture of Renato "Babalu" Reyes Jr. drinking a Coke Float from McDonalds. This picture proves that ultranationalists are self-contradictory idiots. He's just one good example along with his fellow ultranationalists like Neri Colmenares. So I thought he hates the United States, he loves protectionism and wants the country not to be open to foreign investments but he's drinking something that's a result of free trade. Oh the irony that protectionist lovers hate free trade while they actually end up enjoying its benefits.

If he loves protectionism so much I suggest he should be drinking Pyongyang Soju. After all, free trade is evil and protectionism is so good isn't it? He should show everyone he's consistent by drinking Pyongyang Soju or any beverage made in North Korea.