The Problem Isn't Samsung In General But The Dilawans In Samsung Philippines

After hearing that Samsung Philippines has partnered with Feeling VP Leni Loud Robredo I'm already seeing tags like those in this screenshot. So Leni Loud Robredo's Fashion Diary (a Facebook page to make fun of well... Leni Loud) has decided to call Filipinos to boycott Samsung. I think this deserves to be called a WTF moment since this is an isolated case. This is not about the whole Samsung's multinational link but it's the Philippine branch that's not working well. Samsung Philippines' alliance with the Angat Buhay Program of Feeling VP Leni Loud may not be a good thing but I don't think Samsung's main office really knows the darker shade of Yellow.

It's really something a lot of Filipinos aren't looking at things clearly regardless of political affiliation. Do you remember the China vs. Philippines dispute over Spratlys? A lot of anti-China paranoia developed. Some Filipinos went as far as to even assume that it's the Chinese government that brought in the dangerous drugs when the reality is that China is very strict when it comes to the drug trade. They failed to consider that Chinese drug dealers love the Philippines because of a very weak justice system. Some Duterte supporters have mutated into Dutertards. While it's worth commending that the DDS Youth didn't punch Jim Paredes for his stupidity but other Duterte supporters have gone full retard. They already assume when you don't like Duterte then you must be a Dilawan.

Let's face it we all make mistakes in life. I used to support Noynoy Aquino until late in his term. Some people used to be Dilawan before they stopped being one. Maybe the problem with Samsung Philippines right now is that it's choosing the wrong sides. Those Duterte followers seeking to boycott Samsung because of Samsung Philippines aren't thinking clearly. True there are other brands you can get and I personally go for many brands. But I'd still settle for Samsung over Apple or some overly expensive Japanese brands.

The solution here is to get rid of the Yellow Cancer in Samsung and not Samsung itself. The move to boycott Samsung should be considered like blowing up an entire village to destroy a wanted crook.