The Dilawans Should Work Together With Koryolink Instead Of Samsung

I remembered writing about the hypocrisy of hating free trade while enjoying its benefits. This time it's about Samsung Philippines and the alliance it has with the Liberal Party. So why am I pointing out the hypocrisy here? It's time to ask a couple of questions for the Liberal Party and their alliance with Samsung Philippines. The Dilawan Constitution pushed the rules of economic protectionism and protects the biased media. For 30 years the constitution tried to open the jar of progress but failed because the whole pambansang industriya is just a sick man's fantasy. They love to implement protectionism all the while they benefit from products produced in countries where there's free trade.

If they love protectionism so much did they even consider the fact that Samsung is a company based in South Korea and not in North Korea? Did they even bother to think if Samsung Philippines would be established if South Korea weren't a country that promotes competition and economic liberalization? Why would some Liberal Party supporters choose to work for Samsung Philippines when the branch couldn't exist if South Korea were protectionist? It's really contradicting themselves to love the 60/40 policy all the while they endorse a company that was born from a free trade country.

My challenge is plain and simple. The Liberal Party should consider boycotting Samsung because it comes from a country where free trade is practiced. Liberal Party supporters working for Samsung should consider resigning from that company because it's from a country where "evil" free trade is practiced. They should consider endorsing and working for Koryolink because it comes from North Korea which is a country "blessed" by economic protectionism. If they love protectionism so much then move out of companies that came from countries that benefited from free trade. Simple as that. Then we can expect Koryolink Philippines to come in soon courtesy of the Liberal Party and its supporters.

What do you think of this proposal?