Possible Common, Irritating Ways That Teleserye Viewers Would Make Fun Of Filipino Tokusatsu Fans

I remembered being told that I'm already an adult and that I still watch Tokusatsu. I decided to write a post on common, irritating ways that teleserye viewers may make fun of Filipino Tokusatsu fans. You may have encountered these or you haven't. But here's possible ones that I could think of. 

"Are you sure you're a Filipino? If so bakit hindi mo i-enjoy the sariling atin namely our locally made teleseryes?"

This is playing the "nationalista card". It's very stupid to say that you should watch teleseryes in the name of nationalism. This should raise the question on whether or not their favorite shows were even filmed without the use of imported equipment. What's even worse is that these teleseryes from the oligarch networks benefit from technology brought from first world countries and these weren't even Filipino made. Not to mention they may be badmouthing Japan while their TV set is of a Japanese brand which has a high chance it was assembled in China. 

"Instead of criticizing our teleseryes why don't you praise them instead of those idiotic Tokusatsu na mahilig mo panoorin?"

Uplifting the spirits or praising teleseryes will do no good. It's like feeding somebody pagpag and expecting that person to say that it's delicious. In truth, why would any intelligent Filipino who watches Tokusatsu praise such garbage? True, Tokusatsu may have some bad entries every now and them but it can be counted with one's fingers. On the other hand you have a lot of bad teleseryes one after the other.

"Pambata lang yan, ang teleseryes we watch ay para sa mga mature people!"

It's no secret that Filipinos tend to have the menacing feeling mature crowd among them. They can't wait to grow up and they think that they should do all that "adult stuff". They try to grow up fast and this results to a lot of issues of underaged people with health problems brought from vices to underaged single parents. It's stupid to criticize someone who's an adult (and living a decent life) and still watching Tokusatsu while you're 13 and pregnant or got somebody pregnant. 

"Paulit-ulit lang ang formula. Mag-transform, may giant monster..."

Some things are meant to be repeated but they ignore how teleseryes are repetitive for the bad reason. You may find Rider Kicks are the common cliche of the Kamen Rider franchise, giant Godzilla-like monsters are the common cliches of the Ultraman franchise and the superhero team fighting with cool mecha are the common cliches of Super Sentai. While these cliches exist but there's always the seek to diversify. They seek new stuff and if it fails they tend to find ways on how to improve when the recent season fails. Teleseryes on the other hand keep doing their idiotic cliches such as the weakling teleserye girls which make them flat out boring.

"Sinakop tayo ng Japan noong World War 2? How dare you side with the enemy!"

This is always playing the same victim card mentality all over again. Since when was it World War 2 ended and the Empire of Japan died? I can't deny that Japan did occupy the Philippines but that was during the Imperial Days. Today, Japan and the Philippines are allies. Japan no longer runs under the same imperial system that ran it last World War 2. It's no longer invading other countries. Instead, several of its businesses are doing international marketing with other countries. So why still get mad with Japan when the current Japanese even regret why their past was that terrible?

"Kung mahilig ka manood ang Tokusatsu at hindi ang sariling ating teleserye then why don't you nakatira sa Japan!"

Does that mean just because some Filipinos prefer Tokusatsu over those really stupid teleseryes that they should live in Japan? I wonder if those who said the statement don't realize that a lot of stuff used in the Filipino household are Japanese inventions. Maybe they're watching teleseryes on a Sony TV set or listening to OPM music on a Japanese brand stereo. The DVD, electronic calculators, digital camera, video camera, portable music devices and the rice cooker areall  Japanese inventions. They may also be enjoying locally instant noodles without realizing it's also a Japanese invention. So why don't they get rid of all their Japanese stuff first before they ask Filipino Tokusatsu fans to leave the Philippines and move to Japan?


This list may be far from other. This looks like it's still very limited. You may have something to add if you're the reader. Besides, I may not favor Japan over other countries but I'm thankful that a lot of stuff I can do today is because of Japanese inventions that changed the world.


  1. Well , why'd they tell themselves about watching Walking Dead , Game of thrones count into to? Or either using Non-National Materials from equipment they use ( eg. Phones , tv's ) .

    A person's interest is interest ; filipinos looking out others interest reflect themselves admit that we always use some objects that came from other countries or either material itself. Some tv shows were inspired by international movies , some tv stations air international movies .

    They made their commentary for the show reflect for themselves .

  2. Bah, if I were to pick between reading badly written fanfics and watching teleseryes, I'd pick the former. My sensibilities will not be horribly insulted on the former and at least I could tell the author to improve their material. As for teleseryes however, watching porn with plot will not induce too much cringe if I were to be asked.


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