Cheato Gascon Has No Right to Talk About Discipline Since He Really Hates Discipline

The Commission of Human Rights isn't really a commission on human rights. Instead, it's all about their selective justice and selective outrage. I thought about how the organization hasn't helped improve the Philippines. Whether it's Leila Dilemma, Etta Rosales or the current head Cheato Gascon it's more than time to ask - have they really defended human rights or just criminal rights? Now Gascon who hates discipline dares to talk about discipline. Talk about funny and self-contradictory. How can someone who promotes a culture of impunity have any credibility to talk about discipline? 

I could agree with him that judgments shouldn't be made to quickly and that law enforcement is to be strict and exercise discipline. But why is Gascon saying that now? Why is he mentioning abuses when there's been a lot of abuses done by the Liberal Party. This is another case of selective justice. While the military could be guilty of abuses in Marawi then they are to be taken down. But what about the abuses done by the Matae terrorists. As said, why doesn't he and his fellow Yellowtards go to solve the Matae terrorist problem in Marawi all by themselves? The Matae terrorists are terrorists. So don't tell me he suggests not using force and violence to defend one's self when one's life is in danger? Does he consider it abuse to defend one's self from a dangerous criminal?

Gascon's bitching about martial law can be one proof he hates discipline and order. Has it ever occurred to him that martial law isn't necessarily a bad thing unless abuses occur? It's just like authority and exercising discipline. Is it a problem if a traffic enforcer issues me a ticket for road violations? It only becomes a problem if he decides to use his position as a traffic enforcer to violate the rights of others. Discipline only becomes a problem when excessive force or abuse of authority is being used. The same goes with martial law. I guess he doesn't even see the gravity of the situation in Marawi nor does he realize the problem with the Marcos Years isn't martial law but the misuse and abuse of it by certain people. He might as well ban the use of fire, water and air because they can be misused and abused.

Besides, where were ALL the outrage by the Yellow Media together with the CHR during the 993 murders done from May to June 2014 while Noynoy Aquino was president? It just reminds me that Gascon himself showed his selective justice during the ASEAN Summit. He had all the time to do the investigation but why only open it during the ASEAN Summit? It's already an obvious plot to shame the Duterte Administration because the Yellow Empire is no longer the dominant force. They only want to misrepresent the current administration's changes as "repressive" such as Raissa Espinosa-Robles' whining about the martial law days when curfews are put under strict but reasonable curfews. It makes me wonder if Raissa even disciplines her own children. 

What do you think about this current issue on Gascon?