Will All The Dilawans Please Go To Marawi And Solve The Matae Terrorist Problem All By Themselves With NO GOVERNMENT SUPPORT?

As much as I care about hearing what the opposition thinks but it should only be coming from a healthy opposition. Senator Richard Gordon and Senator Panfilo Lacson aren't from the same team as President Rodrigo R. Duterte but they only oppose him when they have better ways to help solve the country. Even if I'm a Duterte supporter but I still want to offer constructive criticism to the president's mistakes. Let's talk about the problem of the Yellowtards such as Jim Paredes who is such martial law crybaby or Leah Navarro who doesn't now where her priorities meet.

This is a challenge I'd like to dare to them. I'd like to focus first on both Navarro and Paredes. Paredes said that Noynoy was there to head operations. Isn't President Duterte there in Marawi to head operations? Navarro says that Noynoy never missed a single June 12 celebration but is it more important than the peace and order situation? President Duterte has every good reason to skip the celebration. So what's she going to do? Praise Assuming Vice President Leni Loud Robredo for being there? If the president can't be there then the vice president should be a substitute. It's good that Alan Peter Cayetano is there to help in the celebrations.

I can't forget how I suggested that that Paredes should go to Marawi. I also wanted to make the same challenge to Cheato Gascon. If they say military intervention or martial law isn't necessary then why don't they go there themselves? Does Paredes think he can sing the Matae terrorists to stop attacking? If all Gascon and in extension Etta Rosales say that the Matae terrorists should be pitied then why don't they deal with the Matae terrorists themselves? It shouldn't just be Paredes or Gascon but what about all the Yellowtards go to Marawi and try and solve the problem themselves. This will also include Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Raissa Robles. I mentioned Raissa because she wrote a book called "Martial Law: Never Again" so she should prove how martial law isn't needed.

I propose that it's time to set Leila Dilemma free so she can go to Marawi to prove herself to be useful to the nation. I would say #OneForLeila that is one mission for Leila to go with the Yellowtards to solve the problem in Marawi themselves.

Not to mention, never forget the "well-loved" Assuming Vice President Leni Loud Robredo. Yes, I can see by this picture that Assuming Vice President Leni Loud is still that popular. Maybe Assuming Vice President Leni Loud can go there and head operations in Marawi as the Yellowtards seek to solve the problem in Marawi by themselves.

What do you think of this proposal?